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A Quick Guide to Delivery Challan

Delivery Challan

What is a Delivery Challan?

Delivery Challan is an important document that is issued when the goods and products of a business move from one place to another. The document is created irrespective of the goods resulting in sales or not. The document is sent to the recipient along with the shipment of goods. The delivery challan consists of details such as the quantity of products, details of the shipment, GST number, and the delivery address of the buyer, etc. Any firm or business can complete their GST registration process step by step by visiting the online portal of the same or use the checklist at Khatabook. GST number on a challan makes it easier to be identified. There are three copies of a delivery challan are issued:

  • Original copy- The copy is for the buyer of goods.
  • Duplicate copy- The copy is for the transporter of goods.
  • Triplicate copy- The copy is for the seller of goods.

When is a Delivery Challan Issued?

A delivery challan is issued in several conditions other than the transportation of goods. Here is the list of situations where a delivery challan can be issued-

  • The delivery challan is issued when goods are being supplied on the agreement.
  • The delivery challan is issued when goods are transported from the warehouse of a manufacturer to the warehouse of the supplier.
  • The [delivery challan] is issued when the quantity of a good such as liquid gas cannot be determined at the time of being supplied.
  • The [delivery challan] is issued when goods are transported in a semi-assembled condition.
  • The [delivery challan] is issued when goods are transported for the purpose of job work.

What are the Essentials of a Delivery Challan?

There are various details that a [delivery challan] carries. The owner of the challan or the person issuing the [delivery challan] has to fill in all the required details of the document. The format of the document generally contains the following details-

  • Date of issuing the challan
  • Date of transportation of goods
  • Name of the sender as well as receiver
  • Address of the sender as well as the receiver
  • GST number of the sender as well as the buyer
  • Place of business
  • Details of goods- Description, GST rate, HSN code, quantity, categorisation of GST amount into IGST, Cess, SGST, and CGST.
  • Signature of the person sending the goods.
  • Transportation details such as vehicle number, mode of transportation, etc.

You can get a quick glimpse of the [delivery challan format] here.


The [delivery challan] helps in maintaining the record of the goods or products. It ensures that there are no confusion or errors while delivering the goods. Tax invoices cannot be used everywhere in a business unless the goods are properly supplied to the other party. Thus, the delivery challans are issued by businesses for the movement of goods from one place to another.

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