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Famoid vs. GrowthSilo – Comparison Between Social Followers Sites


Growthsilo – According to a survey, internet users spend almost 145 minutes on social media on average in 2019 and 2020. And every day, these numbers are increasing, so think how much these numbers will be now. Do you think you are spending more than average time on social media? If yes, you might be an influencer who wants to grow on social media platforms.

But for that, you must have a solid number of followers. But the big question is, where will you get them? Don’t worry, you will get them from a reliable site that offers the ability to buy real Instagram followers and have them sent directly to your account.. But which one?

To determine that, we have a comparison between Famoid and GrowthSilo. So, stay tuned and read this article thoroughly to know as much as you should:

Note: Both of these companies are more famous for selling real Instagram followers, so our main point will be Instagram.

Is it Safe to Buy Instagram Followers?

Before going in depth, let’s tackle the most frequently asked question about this topic as important as famous. When we talk technically by keeping all the algorithms in mind, it is never safe to buy Instagram followers. If the algorithm of Instagram catches any suspicious increase in followers on your account, it will suspend your account.

But it is also true that almost every celebrity and influencer buys them; they will never tell you, but they do. But how? Yes, you are right; they will choose the right site to get followers. And then that site provides you with followers in such a way that no one will think that they are not organic.

Because they will be permanent followers that will increase your engaging rate, likes, and comments. But are these two sites also the right choice? Let’s see:


Famoid is not just a seller of followers, but it is a legal tech company willing to help influencers with genuine Instagram followers. It does not stop its services until Instagram followers like your posts, pictures, and videos.

But it has a bundle of services that can amazingly entertain a social media influencer. Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok are also on the list of services of Famoid so that you can get likes and followers on any of these social media sites.

We all know that Instagram is the second most actively used social media site after Facebook. That is why competition is high, and the algorithm is super strict. That is why Famoid works wisely and safely for you. To conquer Instagram, you have to understand its algorithm and defeat it in its game.

But how? Don’t sweat it because Famoid is always there to help you with some super strategies, tips and tricks to win against a solid algorithm of Instagram. In other words, you can confidently say that Famoid is a complete management package for Instagram influencers to become successful in a modern way.


GrowthSilo is a bit underrated social media marketing agency because it has many services, but it still has not much popularity. When we went to the bottom of this company, we found out that it is one of the top follower sellers available in this world for different social media sites.

The main reason GrothSilo is not as famous as it should be is that it has many bad reviews. And the main reason for those bad reviews is maybe its costs. We think it is a bit more expensive than some other firms of the same kind.

But you can confidently say that it is a legal site where you will get 100% genuine followers from Instagram. These followers will permanently increase your engagement rate, likes, and comments. That’s how you can grow, whether you are an individual or a complete business.


You know that buying followers on Instagram or any social media site is not safe. But you can do it by doing some smart work that we have done on your behalf (the research work). And more importantly, you have a clear idea about Famoid and GrowthSilo — which are two of the leading Instagram growth services out there.

Their services, priorities, and extra features almost everything is now in your mind. And at last, both are extremely useful firms. But due to some bad reviews, people feel hesitant while going for GrowthSilo. What do you think is better in your point of view?

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