CBD Oil vs Tinctures – A Comparison

CBD Oil vs Tinctures – All over the world people are getting to know about CBD and its usefulness. This knowledge has brought about several questions. One of those questions being asked is: “Is CBD oil and CBD Tinctures the same product?” The answer is no, and we are going to be answering this question more intricately as we go on.


This happens to be among the several active compounds discovered in cannabis plants. It does not intoxicate (get one high), unlike tetrahydrocannabinol. And also, it Is said to have therapeutic benefits. It provides relief from….

  1. Depression
  2. Pain
  3. Acne
  4. Some types of seizures
  5. Anxiety


It is gotten from the procedure of extracting oil out of seeds, stalks, and flowers of hemp plants.  Click here to know more about the extraction process. It is said to be the most expensive and potent of all forms of CBD. However, it is infused into drinks and food to allow fornatural usage.

It has been shown by studies that endocannabinoid systems are positively impacted by CBD. It is advised that not more thanfour teaspoons of the product must be taken because of its intense potency; however, the dosage can be determined by one’s goals, body weight, and more.


It is composed of the carrieror base oil which is gotten from hemp seeds and coconut. They are agents used for diluting CBD; thereby allowing it to be absorbed into the body.

CBD Tinctures

Tincture is a word that describes medications that are mixed in an alcohol-based arrangement. Just like cannabidiol oil, it is gotten from hemp plants.

CBD is placedin a distilled alcohol that is 60 – 70 percentage. It is extracted from hemp in a liquid form then added into a blend of glycerin, or peppermint, and alcohol. And it is consumed in a sublingual manner.

Tinctures donot contain cannabidiol in a high potency like the other cannabidiol product, hence, it can last long without spoiling and the dosage differs from one consumer to another. The tincture alcohol base makes it havebetter bioavailability. Itworks as a preservativethat helps to increase its life span. It can also be cooked using dissolvable water which makes for a quicker absorption rate.

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Ingredients of CBD Tinctures

The degree of cannabidiol in tinctures is lesser in oil, this is because of the other elements that are added to improve the flavor. The ingredients include…

  1. Water
  2. Melatonin
  3. Herbs
  4. Essential vitamins

Method of Usage

One method of taking cannabidiol oil is oral. It takes 2 hours before the product can take effect. Tincturescan be taken in a sublingual manner for quick and effective absorption. CBD Oil, as well as tinctures, can be added to drinks and food.

Cannabidiol oil can be applied directly on the skin or taken topically based on the carrier oil used in making it. However, the CBD products specifically made to be used topically works better when used for instant relief than the full-on effect.

However, the application of tincture topically would not yield any result, so, it is best not to waste the product by applying itto the skin.


Here are some differencesas seen inthe two products…


The oil product has cannabidiol as a base oil while the tincture has alcohol as a base. Irrespective of the different bases they have, they both have therapeutic features. They are also used to ease stress, anxiety, inflammation, and the likes.

Method of Ingestion

The vaping method is one-waycannabidiol oil is ingested, while tincture is ingested easily by mixing it in food because its base is alcoholic.


Consumed orally;cannabidiol oil has a very unpleasant taste. It always leaves agreasy taste after being taken, whereas, tinctureis produced in different flavors like peach, vanilla, chocolates, etc. It also aids in fast absorption.


Cannabidiol product prices are dependent on the potency, strength, and extraction method. CBD oil that is of excellent quality is usually costlier than tinctures.

Shelf Life

Tinctures have a more prolonged shelf life than cannabidiol oilsince tinctures are made of isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol, which serves as a preserving agent. When cannabidiol oil is seen to have a foggy or cloudy thing in it, it is expired. To aid in extending the longevity of cannabidiol products, they must be kept away from the sun.

Getting goodcannabidiol products

The fact that you can get CBD products easily at drugstores and mall kiosks does not mean they are all safe. They arenot regulated by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the same manner as other supplements and drugs. Hence, one has to be very observant when shopping for them.

Regardless of what type of cannabidiol product you are contemplating getting, it is vital to seek a reputable manufacturer to get your product from. Check out Cheefbotanicals to know more about what you should look out for when purchasing a cannabidiol product. Make sure to check for the potency, the date, and other vital information before purchasing your product.

Do these products have side effects?

CBD has been considered to be safe; however, some persons sometimes experience side effects like diarrhea, change in weight, fatigue, and loss of appetite.It is best to consult your doctor before using CBD, especially for people who are already using supplements.


Now that you know the difference between the two products, we hope you would not find it difficult in deciding on what is best for you and youroverall well-being.

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