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Malta, a republic on the Mediterranean Sea, has established itself as one of the top travel spots in the world for young Europeans. One of the best options for experiencing a novel culture is this nation.

The Island of Joy, which comprises multiple archipelagos, is particularly notable. It is the nation’s second-largest Island and offers a wide range of activities and top-notch tourist attractions. On the Island of Delight, he notes things to see and do.

Mdzhar port

The first stop inside the Island is the port of Mdzhar. It is the main entrance to the, where Ferrys arrive every day and is characterized by being one of the main points of the merchandise of the Island. You can find restaurants, crafts, bars, shops, and tours. You can visit the Gothic-style church.

  • Dwejra Bay

Very close is the Dwejra Bay, where scenes of the Game of Thrones have been recorded. Its peculiar circular form that offers a unique landscape is what makes it a tourist attraction in the region.

On the exact route of the bay is the Fungus Rock, a 60-meter-high rock. The unique thing is that a fungus lives on its surface, which is only found in this rock. And that has been used by its healing powers.

  • Basilica ta ’pinu

The Basilica Tá Pinu is an integral part of Malta’s essence. Since in this case, it is said that the voice of the Virgin Mary was heard. This event happened in a chapel in the town of Gharb. It was there that this basilica was built. It is a spectacular sanctuary built in honor of the Virgen de la Asunción and visited by dad John Paul II and Benedict Vxi.

  • Calipso cave

Very close to Ramla Bay is one of the emblematic sites of Maltese tourism. The cave of Calipso is the place, within Greek mythology, where Ulysses was seduced and retained by the Calipso goddess. He is currently remember for this fact, but also for the beauty he has.

  • Ghasri Valley

Ghasri Valley

The Ghasri Valley is a significant location where the rock formations enhance the natural beauty. The clear blue waters of this small beach, which links to another beach with the open sea, are perfect for swimming and tanning.

One of the most incredible places to live has been ranked as Canada. Millions of people from all over the world have traveled to this nation in North America. Not just for the general quality of living it provides but also for all its unexpected locations.

  • Whistler Blackcomb

In Canada, winter sports can be done for much of the year because the snow is present due to persistent weather conditions. Whistler Blackcomb is considering the most important ski resort in North America. It has more than 250 km of ground tracks and is ideal for rookies and experts. There is suitable accommodation, food, entertainment, guides and more.

  • Haida Gwaii

Haida is a unique site where you can enjoy Canadian nature. It is an archipielágo in which there are incredible landscapes. One hundred fifty islands form it and is in front of British Columbia. On this Island are the native Haida tribe, and dozens of species exist. Observe whales, orcs, seals, marine lions, birds, and more.

  • Basilica of Notre-Dame

This religious building is one of the most visited in Canada. Its tenants’ architectural style is spectacular; every minute you are inside, you can appreciate its majestic design. Inside are many paintings, works, and sculptures by great artists of yesteryear. What steals all attention is its blue background with 24-carat gold stars.

  • CN Tower

This Skyline is one of the most important for tourism in Toronto. If you go through this city, you must climb to enjoy its panoramic view. It consists of three levels in which you will have a unique experience and the opportunity to walk through the edge of the building that is only 365 meters high.

  • Montreal Botanical Garden

Montreal Botanical Garden

If you love nature, visit Montreal’s Botanical Garden, Canada’s most significant. It has more than 75 hectares in which you can enjoy and learn more than 22,000 species of plants from different parts of the world. This comprises 23 gardens with Japanese themes, China, Rosas, and Arboretum, among others. The best time to visit is during spring and autumn.

  • Whistler snow tunnels

An ice maze is what you can appreciate in Whistler’s tunnels. It is a site with a length of 2 km where you can capture incredible photos, travel by bicycle, and have beautiful landscapes.


Australia is one of favorite destinations. One of the cities where there is a more significant number of tourists is Melbourne. The city has always been among the best for tourism and, for a couple of years, also among the best to live in.

Australian authorities have enhanced all sectors in search of a city suitable for tourism. It is a preferred destination for young travelers, so it pays attention to all the places you can visit if you want to travel to Melbourne.

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