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We hope that by going through this article, you have better understood why YouTube blocked it; if you ask me what the primary source of your entertainment is. I’ll say YouTube. Today, YouTube is the central video-sharing platform. On this YouTube platform, many content creators share their content on their YouTube channels. According to one estimate, there are around 2.1 billion monthly active users on YouTube. As we all know, YouTube has become an integral part of our lives.

YouTube is a place where all ages have found something to suit their needs. On YouTube, we can find so many types of videos. Here you will find training videos, funny videos, tutorials, news, and much more.

Many YouTube channels work primarily in the interest of their audience. They only make videos for their audience.

We will start talking about There is a large community that regularly searches for “”. Unfortunately, this video has been removed. Now, this video is no longer available on YouTube.

What is, and Why is it Blocked?

What is https___youtu.be_45zfbz0kize, and Why is it Blocked_

In late July of this year, the video-sharing site YouTube announced that it was disabling access to due to “repeated violations of our policy on violent or graphic content.” The video was initially reported for violating YouTube’s policy on videos that promote violence or hate speech.

The reason why the video was blocked is still unknown, but some have speculated that it could have something to do with its content. The video was criticized for its violent and derogatory language and has been linked to real-life incidents of violence. Some people argue that the content of the video could be inflammatory and lead to violence among viewers.

Despite being blocked by YouTube, the video remains available on other streaming platforms like Twitch and Facebook. However, given the sensitive nature of your content, these platforms will also disable access shortly.

Why are People Searching for

YouTube has a lot of videos; some are exceptional. These types of videos contain a lot of information and knowledge. That is why people will search for these videos. But according to some sources, this video is exciting. There are a lot of advantages to seeing it. Some say that this video has to do with bathroom fixtures and plumbing. This video gives more clarity about life and its growing knowledge, according to the source on the website

What is the Video About?

What is the Video https___youtu.be_45zfbz0kize About_

This video is about a person who was blocked on YouTube for no reason other than expressing unpopular opinions. This person has received reports that their videos have been flagged for review and removed from the platform. The person eventually discovered their videos were blocked due to political content. In particular, videos of their criticized democratic socialism and praised the principles of free-market capitalism.

In March of this year, PJ Media’s Michael Brown channel was ban for uploading a video titled “Why I’m Leaving Google.” This video, Brown criticizes Google’s progressive political agenda and its drive to influence young people through its products. They are one of many YouTubers whose videos were flagged for review and eventually remove from the platform.

YouTube uses censorship to punish users who express dissenting views or question the platform’s left-wing orthodoxy. This is wrong on so many levels: censorship is plain and simple. And second, it penalizes those users who try to engage in open discourse with their fellow citizens.

Is censorship the reason why Yes, YouTube uses its power to suppress dissenting voices.

Video History

The history of the video dates back to when a user uploaded a video titled Why YouTube Blocks My Videos. At the time, YouTube was in the midst of a debate over whether or not it should censor specific videos due to their perceived harmful nature. The video quickly became an example of this type of edited video.

Despite being temporarily ban from uploading new videos, the user continued to defend his video and argue on various internet forums. In late years, they uploaded a new video with additional evidence and analysis to support his position. This video turned out to be so popular that it regained prominence on social media and caught the attention of mainstream media outlets.

Finally, the user’s efforts paid off, and they were able to unblock their videos and continue sharing their content online without fear of censorship. This story is a powerful reminder that freedom of expression is essential to democratic societies and must be protect at all costs.


It’s no secret that social media can be a powerful tool when used correctly. But like any other powerful tool, it can also abused, and that’s where censorship comes in. In this article, we will examine why YouTube may have blocked and whether or not this was a reasonable decision. We optimism you will take the time to read our article and draw your conclusions on this topic.

Here is a List of Such Videos Which are Informative but Removed from YouTube due to Some Reasons

Review – Why YouTube Blocked This Video.

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