What are Marketing Mediums? – 4 Types of Marketing Mediums

Marketing mediums include the blend of options companies take at the disposal during the promotional phase of marketing.

Though traditional media, such as TV and newspapers, remain prominent, 21st-century integrated marketing strategies.

It takes emphasized the use of interactive, real-time engagement through new media.

What are the Types of Marketing Mediums?

1. Broadcast

  • Television and radio are two traditional forms of marketing media known as broadcast.
  • We can produce and distribute commercials on various local TV and radio stations. And radio is generally the extra affordable option for the local company.
  • As we can often the few hundred ads for as little 1,000. And TV offers extra visual stimulation and creativity.
  • But it can cost as much as 10,000 to 25,000 to produce the small-market commercial. And Television has a broad reach.
  • But also, audience inattentiveness and control through DVRs are limiting. Also, radio offers local reach and repetition but no visual element in it.

2. Print

  • The newspapers and magazines are the prominent traditional print in media, though brochures and catalogs fall into this media category.
  • And newspapers are very affordable for small businesses and help local market segmentation, and creative potential is limited.
  • However, ads its often lost in the clutter. But magazines offer high selectivity and audience interest because of the niche topics, though costs are usually higher than newspapers, even in local markets.

3. Digital and Interactive

  • The Internet, email, and mobile devices fill the new media category as digital/interactive. It began with the emergence of the web in the mid-1990s.

4. Social Media

  • Social media takes evolved in the early 21st century, offering a relatively low-cost way for our business to get extra engagement with customers.
  • We can send out messages to all followers via Twitter and respond directly to individual comments and discussions.
  • And Facebook allows for company announcements, question-and-answer posts, and other ongoing interactions with customers. And its type of engagement is vital in a fast-paced, technology-driven marketplace.

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