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Veer Zaara Full Movie Download

Veer Zaara Full Movie Download – is it a 2004 Indian Hindi epic romantic drama film directed by Yash Chopra, who co-produced it with Aditya Chopra? And it stars Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta as the star-crossed lovers of the same name: Veer Pratap Singh (Khan) is an Indian Air Force officer. And Zaara Hayaat Khan (Zinta) is the daughter of a Pakistani politician. Also Veer is in jail on false charges, and a young Pakistani lawyer named Saamiya Siddiqui (Rani Mukherji) is fighting his case. And Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini, Divya Dutta, Manoj Bajpayee, Boman Irani, Anupam Kher, and Kirron Kher play auxiliary roles.

Also, Chopra wanted to return to the cinema after seven years; he was not happy with the scripts he received. Aditya then narrated some scenes from a story he had written, which interested Chopra and prompted him to direct it. Chopra wanted the film to be a tribute to Punjab. Also, it is the so-called Yeh Kahaan Aa Gaye Hum. And set in India and Pakistan, principal photography took place in Punjab and several locations in Mumbai; parts of the film were too shot in Pakistan. And the soundtrack album, based on old arrangements by Madan Mohan with lyrics by Javed Akhtar, was successful in India.

Veer Zaara Full Movie Download released on November 12, 2004, during the Diwali festival. Veer Zaara Full Movie Download earned over ₹976.4 million worldwide. And it attractive the highest-grossing Indian film of the year in India and overseas territories. And it received highly positive evaluations from critics. Also with praise directed at the story, screenplay, dialogue, music, performances, and sensitive portrayal of India-Pakistan relations. Analysts have described it as themes related to a shared Punjabi culture, secularism, and feminism. In addition, the film is considered one of the best romantic films in the history of Indian cinema.

Essential Points of Veer zaara Full Movie Download

Director: Yash Chopra

Writer: Aditya Chopra

Producer: Yash Chopra, Aditya Chopra

Stars: Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta and, Rani Mukerji

Narrated: Yash Chopra

Cinematography: Anil Mehta

Editor: Ritesh Soni

Music Original Songs: Madan Mohan

Background Score: R. S. Mani

Revision: Sanjeev Kohli

Production company: Yash Raj Films

Distributor: Yash Raj Films

Release date: November 12 2004

Running time: 192 minutes

Country: India

Language: Hindi

Budget: ₹ 180 million

Box office:  est. ₹ 976.4 million

More About Veer Zaara Full Movie Download

Veer Zaara Full Movie Download – In 2004, the government of Pakistan decided to look into the unsolved cases related to Indian prisoners as a sign of goodwill. Also Saamiya Siddiqui, an aspiring Pakistani lawyer, is given Prisoner 786’s defence as her first case. And the prisoner hasn’t spoken to anyone for 22 years. After addressing him by name, Veer Pratap Singh, Veer opens up to Saamiya and tells his story.

Also Zaara Hayaat Khan is a lively Pakistani woman whose family is sloped by high-ranking politicians in Lahore. Zaara’s Sikh housekeeper (to whom she addresses herself as her grandmother), Bebe, asks Zaara to throw her ashes into the Sutlej River among her ancestors as a last wish. During a trip to India, Zaara’s bus has an accident. And she is release by Veer, an Indian Air Force pilot, and she performs Bebe’s last rites. And Veer convinces Zaara to return with him to their village for a day together because of Lohri. Also Zaara meets Veer Choudhary’s uncle Sumer Singh and aunt Saraswati Kaur. Veer understands he is falling in love with Zaara.

Synopsis of Veer Zaara Full Movie Download

The next day, he takings Zaara to the station to catch his train to Lahore, intending to confess. However, he ends up meeting Zaara’s fiancée, Raza Shirazi. Before she leaves, he confesses his love for her and accepts that they cannot be together. Zaara quietly climbs up and says goodbye to her; both believe they will never see each other again.

In Pakistan, she realizes that she too is in love with Veer but must defend her family’s honour and marry Raza. This marriage will boost her father Jehangir’s political career. Seeing to her break down, her maid and friend Shabbo calls  him and ask him to take  she away before their wedding. So Veer leaves the Indian Air Force and goes to Pakistan.

When he arrives,  she throws herself into his arms, crying, making her father sick in shock. Mariyam requests Veer to leave Zaara because Jehangir’s reputation and health will crumble if news gets out that she is in love with an Indian. Veer respects this request and chooses to leave. But Raza, outraged at the embarrassment  her it caused him, falsely imprisons him as Rajesh Rathore on the charge of existence an Indian spy. Meanwhile, the Veer bus that suppose to return to India falls off a cliff, killing passengers. When Veer hears this in prison, he thinks the amulet given to him by Zaara’s mother is what protected his life.

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