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What are the Publishing Platform Guidelines? – 10 Guidelines for Publishing Platforms

LinkedIn’s Publishing  platform guidelines is the ideal forum to develop and strengthen our professional identity by sharing our knowledge and expertise in our job. It’s tied to our professional profile.

What are the Guidelines for Publishing Platforms?

  • Here are some guidelines to consider as we use the publishing platform:
  • Content published on LinkedIn’s publishing platform remains our work. We own the rights to any original articles we publish.
  • We can request the deletion of our content from our platform at any time.
  • Also, LinkedIn can distribute our content, annotate our content example to highlight that our views may not reflect the views of LinkedIn. And sell advertising on pages where our content appears.

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  • Expect that our articles its publicly available and can share.
  • And postings for job openings and job opportunities did not belong on our publishing platform.
  • Also, advertisements and promotions for events, products, and services did not appropriate content for article publishing. Advertisements can purchase using LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

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  • Also, remember to professional and did not post anything misleading, fraudulent, obscene, threatening, hateful, defamatory, discriminatory, and illegal.
  • We are responsible for the content of our articles, including any harm caused by us to others and damage caused through our use of this service.
  • And LinkedIn may restrict, suspend, and terminate our LinkedIn account and disable our articles for any violation of the User Agreement. Please refer to our User Agreement for complete details.
  • Also, LinkedIn disables accounts found using infringing content.

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