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What is Technology?

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The mechanisms on which everyday devices such as alarm clocks, water taps, bicycles or telephones are based were invented by us humans. All objects we humans have artificially created or would like to create are assigned to the technology field. The technology aims to improve our living conditions and therefore asks about the meaning and purpose of a product. This means that technology as a design science differs significantly from the natural sciences, which, as cognitive sciences, ask about the causes of a phenomenon.
Technology determines our lives, but we understand very different things by the term: In engineering studies, the structures and functions of material things, such as engines and computers, dominate. Philosophers and historians want to integrate people, their culture and society into the concept of technology; without them, technology would never have come about. With a view to recent developments in software and biotechnology, technology presents itself differently. All of our technical terms impact our actions and thinking, which will be presented and then discussed.

Introduce Technology To Children

Children Using computer

Pre-school children in particular, have very good prerequisites for early technical support: they are very interested in and motivated to design products. They have fun and enjoy planning, constructing, inventing, and assembling and still have a neutral attitude towards the topic. However, the technology, which is becoming increasingly complex, cannot be understood simply by looking at or disassembling the devices. This is precisely why it is essential to integrate early technical support as a fixed component in daycare centres and elementary schools.

The Importance Of Early Childhood Technical Education For Our Society
With early technical support, we give our children orientation in a world that is constantly becoming more complex. Children should understand that technical changes do not fall from the sky, but are in our hands and in their hands in the future. In this way, we generate an essential basis for a value-oriented sense of responsibility. And we promote the willingness to take on both social and ecological responsibility for shaping our environment.

In addition, early childhood technical education also strengthens the economic power of our society: In addition to innovative science and research, forward-looking technology is an essential part of our competitiveness. Technical education from an early age will also bring out top talent – similar to sports or music.

Technical work in kindergarten and school

Technical work in kindergarten

Access to technology through technical work can already be made possible in day-care centres and it can be easily implemented independently of the educational concept of an institution. Many cross-connections, e.g. through measuring when designing, to mathematics, too many natural sciences, such as physics, are an integral part of early technical education, such as promoting motor and manual skills, language or strengthening teamwork or general, imaginative problem-solving skills. Early technical education is therefore aimed at other educationally relevant basic skills.

How can technology be made accessible to children in a meaningful way? The variety of topics is large and almost unmanageable, so it makes sense to look at technology from the child’s perspective: In which everyday life and action situations do they come into contact with technology?
In answering this question, a broad consensus has emerged in technology didactics in recent decades as to which six specific learning fields should be named here. You can find these six fields of learning here on the right-hand side .

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