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What is the Microsoft Office? – Definition

Definition of Microsoft Office

The  Microsoft office software was developed by Microsoft Corp company founded in 1975. It set of applications that perform office tasks, that is, that allows us to automate and improve an office’s usual activities.

The oldest version of Microsoft Office was throwing in 1989 with two basic packages. And Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and another to which the schedule plus and Microsoft access programs were added.


  • These are the most significant popular programs that are a portion of the Microsoft Office. It contains the word processor that includes the spell checker, thesaurus, and the possibility of working with different fonts (fonts).


  • It’s partly composed of worksheets. Its attraction is the possibility of performing arithmetic operations automatically. And which facilitates the development of balance sheets and financial statements.


  • The Office program uses to produce and display visual presentations. It’s has based on the development of multimedia slides that can include images, text, sound, and videos.
  • Management of personal data and emails can take managed the Outlook. Its main strength is the email client, although it also offers the calendar and the contact directory.
  • It must take note that Microsoft Office is a licensed program. Therefore, those who wish it take advantage of its benefits must buy it and respect the contract conditions.
  • Such as the prohibition of making copies for profit. Some of its main competitors are Open Office (open source), Star Office, Lotus Symphony, and WordPerfect Office.
  • The popularity of the Office has been declining in recent years. The first victim is probably PowerPoint.
  • Many users began to understand that Flash offered the same possibilities and many more, with the level of customization impossible to achieve in the first.
  • With mobile phones and the applications’ attractiveness, the caring of relocation took place from the PC to these devices. It’s transforming the software marketplace collaborating with the growth of mist and free tools.
  • Microsoft, given that for some time, it has been possible to enjoy some of Office’s features for free and through an email account.


  • Like Windows and the various Adobe packages, Photoshop and Illustrator, Office is one of the most common sources of piracy.
  • And one of the main reasons is handy tools for training since they are usually among the requirements of most jobs that include computer tasks of some kind.
  • Today, there are free alternatives to almost all of them, which are more powerful and efficient, but which tend to take a weak point in common.
  • And interfaces that are difficult to navigate and not visually attractive. They lead many users to dismiss them in a matter of seconds, reverting to convenient illegal downloads.
  • However, piracy proliferated around every obstacle are remains presented its way, wonders the large software development company suffers from these situations.
  • It’s common to hear that it’s likely that Microsoft and Adobe, for example, make sure that the programs reach as many homes as possible through regular acquisitions and illegal copies.
  • This theory is base on the fact that the real profit occurs. Thanks to allowing private users to know and enjoy its tools, the popularity grows to the point of turning them into benchmarks.

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