What are the Best Wireless Headphones for our Mobile? – 7 best Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones Definition

Wireless headphones with the explosion of Bluetooth, we take constant news from manufacturers for several seasons, and many of them have enough quality.

And gone is that wireless headphone market that remains hardly worth approaching because now. We find suitable options in different formats and, more importantly, in very different price ranges.

We are going to leave us below what we consider to be the best options today. And indeed, we leave some out in the world of wireless headphones.

And we started this compilation of the best wireless headphones with what is probably one of the best we can find today.

1. BeoPlay E8 2.0

  • Bang & Olufsen is an old acquaintance in the audio industry, and, of course, we need to take our small format wireless headphones.
  • We are talking about the Beoplay E8 2.0, button-format headphones with touch control that allow us four hours of playback. It includes the 16 transport and charging box and, again, with active noise cancellation.

2. Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Basic

  • The bet of Xiaomi that we bring here, among all those available in its catalog, is that of the Mi True Wireless Basic.
  • And the economic model with Bluetooth 5.0, with four hours of autonomy 12 adding the carrying and charging case.
  • And with the very compact as well as light design: only 4.1 grams. We take the physical button to control them, by the way.

3. Real me Buds Q

  • Real me also already has several copies of wireless Bluetooth headsets in its catalog, and the ones that receive the best reviews are the Real me Buds Q. With the button format, the Buds Q takes Bluetooth 5.0 and a reasonably competitive price.
  • Of course, they also have a carrying case that doubles as a charger (4.5 hours of autonomy for the headphones, 20 hours in total) through a micro-USB port.

4. Bovon QCY T5

  • Bovon is not a very well-known brand in our country, but the QCY T5 has been famous for a long time.
  • And they take earned a free hand in entering our compilation. With a cane format, we find Bluetooth 5.0, a total of 24 hours of playback include.
  • And the case and active and dual noise cancellation. And the exciting kit in headphones that always move below 30 euros.

5. Sony WI-C200

  • We go back to Sony momentarily before jumping to other catalogs to tell you about the WI-C200, a headset to wear supported on the neck and connected but always wireless. We take up to 15 hours of autonomy, interchangeable caps, and take them in both black and white.

6. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

  • With wired headphones’ format to support them on the neck, we find the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z. Another excellent option is to look for quality wireless audio at a reasonable price.
  • The wireless Z offers us up to 10 hours of continuous playback with an ultra-fast charge of only 10 minutes.
  • And 20 hours with the total charge. They come with IP55 protection against dust and water and are compatible with Google Assistant.
  • First, of two stops, we will make in the JBL wireless headphone catalog. We bring us the Tune500BT headband headphones with a range of up to 16 hours, with Bluetooth 4.1 and compatible with Google Assistant.
  • Besides, they allow multiple connections to take various active devices such as phones and tablets.

7. JBL T110BT

  • The second stop takes made with the JBL T110BT, now in the more contained format. And that of headphones connected to support them on the neck. We take up to 6 hours of autonomy and a microphone to send messages or make calls.

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