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How to Bet on FIFA World Cup by a BetZillion Expert Tim Harrison

The FIFA World Cup is undoubtedly the most famous and prestigious football tournament, bringing various nations from all continents together. The contest is held every four years, with this year’s edition already slated to hold by November in Qatar.

While the players and football fans are gearing up for this glorious footballing event, various FIFA World Cup bookies are ready to provide all the games in the tournament for bettors to wager.

Smarttechdata spoke with Tim Harrison, a betting expert with BetZillion, about how to wager on the FIFA World Cup.

How Does Betting on the FIFA World Cup Work?

To make the best wagering choices, it’s critical to comprehend how FIFA World Cup betting operates. The tournament consists of 32 teams divided into eight groups of four. The four teams in each group play each other, i.e., three matches against the other teams in the same group.

The two top teams from each group advance to the round of 16, also known as the knockout stage. However, compared to the group stage, matches that end in a draw after regular time is decided by extra time and penalties in the knockout phase to determine who goes through to the next stage.

After the knockout phase, the tournament proceeds to the quarterfinals, the semifinals, and the final. The third-place game is where the two teams that can’t move past the semifinals play each other.

In addition, the FIFA World Cup usually lasts around a month. For instance, the 2022 edition will be held from November 20 to December 18.

Most importantly, you must sign up with a reputable bookmaker, as this is where you will wager on the FIFA World Cup as the game commences. The bookmaker offers a variety of options for you to pick from when placing bets on the tournament.

FIFA World Cup Betting Strategies

The FIFA World Cup is a huge competition not only for the nations participating but also for those who seek to wager on the outcomes of the games. A few effective methods can help you make accurate predictions for the tournament. However, you need to understand that no prediction guarantees 100% in betting.

Let’s briefly analyze the strategies that will help you wager.

  • Be Aware of the Team’s Lineup

Countries invite players from their various clubs to the World Cup; in most cases, their inclusion centres on their performances for their club. It will be a wrong call for a manager to invite a player with no game time and have a series of bad performances to a tournament you intend to win.

Knowing the quality of these squads will help aid your predictions. For instance, quality sides like Argentina, Brazil, and France are good sides to bet on based on their crop of players.

  • Check the Head-to-Head and Form of Both Teams

Before you place a wager, it is usually a good idea to check the head-to-head results between the two sides and their performances in recent games. It would be even better if they had recently played each other, as the outcome of those games can predict how this upcoming match would turn out. Although the World Cup is a different kind of competition, checking out their recent games against each other in international friendlies or other competitive games will help you make your predictions.

  • Analyze the Third Group Game Carefully

It’s essential to keep up with teams in each group to help you understand their stand, especially towards the final group game of the competition. Some teams might have qualified for the knockout phase after two games and decided to rest players for the third. You need to know if the players they introduced can go on to win because this change can affect the team’s flow and results.

Also, look out for teams waiting until the final game to know their stand. These kinds of teams start their best players and put in a good fight to get to the knockout phase. Betting on teams like this can give you the best values for your bets.

  • Follow Tips from Experts

Bettors can follow tipsters online to aid their predictions. This tipster provides statistics and data on each game in the World Cup. They also offer the kind of market you can wager on a particular match.

  • Consider Live Bets

Live games are another exciting way to bet on the FIFA World Cup. For instance, if your pregame isn’t going as planned, you can jump on live games to help you get a good reward. However, you must be seeing this game unfold to help you choose a betting option based on what you see. You can place bets like the Next Goalscorer or Next team to score while betting live.

How can Bettors Wager on the World Cup?

Let’s create a step-by-step guide on how to wager on the FIFA World Cup.

Choose a Reliable Bookmaker

The first step is getting a reliable and reputable bookmaker that offers all the games in the Qatar 2022 World Cup and provides various betting options.

Create an Account

After choosing your preferred bookmaker, create an account on the betting platform to access the features on the website. You can do this by providing the necessary information as requested by the bookmaker.

Deposit Funds

Before placing bets on any World Cup game, you need to fund your account using any payment option the bookmaker provides. Also, some bookmakers offer a welcome bonus in free bets or cash upon deposit. Make sure to claim the welcome bonuses.

Navigate to the World Cup Section

The next step is to go to the sportsbook section of your site and choose football or soccer. There, you’ll find various events and tournaments. Choose the World Cup to see the multiple games available.

Select your Games

After finding the World Cup events, choose your games. You can play single bets, accumulator bets, and system bets, whichever you prefer.

Place Bets

After selecting all the games, you intend to wager on, check your bet slip to confirm all the games to ensure there is no mistake. Then enter your stake amount and click “Place Bet” to confirm your wager.


The FIFA World Cup provides a lot of excitement and memorable performances each year. With Qatar’s upcoming edition, fans and bettors are eager to see this tournament. While watching and betting on these games can be fun, it’s important to understand how to go about it, so you don’t lose so much money. If you have not read this guide, then go ahead to read it to find out the strategies for betting on the FIFA World Cup.

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