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Call of Duty Warzone Tips and Tricks: Dominate Season 5

Some Warzone recommendations can assist in filling in the gaps where instinct does not go. It is not only about reactions; intelligence can go a long way in a variety of situations. Understanding how other players think, refining cover and sightlines, and increasing string threat awareness are all things that can help you boost your odds of survival significantly if you have the correct expertise. In a Call of Duty Warzone match, a good gun and a well-balanced loadout can be the difference between winning and losing. Infact, these Warzone Hacks can actually help you succeed in the game.

The purpose of these Warzone tips is to provide you with the knowledge you require and an understanding of how things function to ensure that you engage foes at a competitive advantage. You will likely emerge from a combat situation intact and ready to fight again if you make as many judgments as possible before pulling the trigger.

You’ll still have to put in the effort – we do not promise any specific results here, after all. However, these Warzone tips will assist you in thinking more critically and making better decisions while fighting, allowing you to avoid making simple mistakes that may be pretty costly.

Do not resuscitate a teammate until you are sure that it is safe to do so

If a teammate is knocked out, make sure the adversary who took them out is either dead or a long distance away before attempting to restore them. In addition, pay close attention because resurrecting emits a characteristic sound that your adversary can detect! When you’re revising, you’re particularly vulnerable and a tempting target for assassins.

Make us of your natural abilities

We’ll be honest: life in a warzone is difficult. A sniper’s ability to hit many targets in rapid succession is not universal, nor is the ability to eliminate an entire squad with a single clip from their rifle. It takes hours of practice to reach that level of proficiency, so focus on your skills in the meantime.

Some players are stronger with SMGs than others, while others tend to play more aggressively. Discover your playing style and embrace it. It will take some time for you to figure it out, but you will see that the flow of matches will begin to tilt in your direction once you do.

Make use of audio to your advantage

When it comes to sound, keep an ear out for enemy footsteps, plating, coughing in the gas, the sound of an enemy loadout dropping, revives, shooting, reloading, and other such sounds as these. This can assist you in determining at the very least the general location of a nearby enemy and can alert you to when it is safe to strike them. Also, when sneaking up on an opponent team, make sure to employ the Dead Silence Field Upgrade.

Use effective callouts in your presentations

If you do happen to hear or see an adversary in the vicinity, alert your crew immediately! Furthermore, you should say as little as possible in as few words as you possibly can. Although it can be challenging to put into practice, having rapid and effective callouts can save time and assist in communicating as quickly as feasible.

Returning from the Gulag

There is only one way to get back into the game, and that is through the Gulag. Following

the Cold War integration, the Gulag now resembles a version of Nuketown, with you being forced to engage in a 1v1 battle to choose who will be taken back to the surface of the planet.

The most important piece of advice is to make full use of your available equipment. It can make all the difference when spawning in with difficult-to-use weapons like a crossbow if you have flash grenades, stuns, and lethal available. Make use of your strengths, employ sound effects, and attempt to climb up on the roofs on each side of the map to have a better perspective of the surroundings.

Remain a member of your team

When players go off to engage adversaries on their own, they make one of the most common blunders possible. Telling your colleagues that you wish to engage with another team is essential. And your teammates should follow your lead as well. If something happens that prohibits you from moving forward; you must communicate this as soon as possible.

Your squadmates will likely be outnumbered if they believe you’re close but are still in the next building over if they think they’re close. The same goes for your squad, who should pay close attention and notice that you are not present – but this is not always possible in the heat of combat. If you want to avoid this, always speak with your teammates and stick together when taking on a new squad.


We experimented and worked together to develop some helpful warzone strategy guides and call of duty recommendations that we could utilize in our training sessions in the future. Even the games that we are winning are deafeningly quiet.

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