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How to Capitalize on the Twitter-Verification Craze to Maximize your Revenues as an Agency?

Twitter-Verification Craze — the world’s #1 microblogging platform — is also an influential marketing tool. It helps businesses and individuals grow their audience, promote their products and services, interact with their target audience, and drive traffic to their websites.

The Twitter HQ is currently undergoing some major changes that are grabbing the headlines. It is possible that this platform is getting ready to see an enormous influx of new personal, commercial, and even government users.

In order to build trust and credibility among their followers and the massive user base on the platform, Twitter verification is a must-have for brands and public figures in 2022. A lot of things are poised to change, but there will always be a need for authenticity. And an agency that can help its clients achieve the blue tick mark on their Twitter profiles stands to make a lot of profit.

How does Twitter Verification Work?

The Twitter verification system was introduced in June 2009, and it was the first social media platform to introduce the notion of verified profiles. Accounts that have a Twitter verified blue check let people know that their Twitter account is notable, authentic, and active. It also helps to distinguish genuine accounts from fan-made accounts or impostors.

Twitter has pre-defined steps and rules that one needs to follow to be eligible for the blue verified badge. A Twitter verification badge is usually permanent. However, in rare cases, if a Twitter account holder with a verified profile violates Twitter’s terms of services or makes significant changes to their account, such as changing their username, they can lose their verified status. Twitter may also revoke the blue tick in case of promotion of hate speech, inactive accounts, or switching to a private account.

Benefits of Twitter Verification

Being verified on Twitter is a positive step towards building a reputable personal brand or business on the platform. There are many advantages to it:

  1. The Twitter verification badge brings notability, credibility, and security to your profile.
  2. Being verified on Twitter opens up opportunities for collaborations with other brands and influencers.
  3. The blue tick on Twitter helps you stay protected against impersonators.
  4. Verification on Twitter helps you boost engagement as the Twitter algorithm favors posts from verified accounts.
  5. Twitter verification helps boost your prestige among your peers and competitors and ranks you in the top 1% of Twitter accounts.
  6. Getting your profile verified on Twitter helps to prevent identity theft.
  7. Verified users get access to important Twitter analytics.
  8. Verification recognizes that a user is an authority in their field.
  9. With Twitter verification, your account is recognized as a legitimate source of information.
  10. The Twitter blue verified tick is a symbol of trust and authenticity.

Why Twitter Verification is an Excellent Service to have on your Service Portfolio

Twitter is the primary hub for thought leadership in today’s world. All of the world’s top leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, superstars, and brands have verified Twitter accounts. That’s why new brands and up-and-coming celebrities are striving to get the blue verified badge on Twitter to match up to the leaders of their industry. This is particularly true for newer industries, like fintech, crypto, and NFT.

Nowadays, many digital PR agencies offer social media account verification services, including Twitter verification, to meet this growing demand. They help brands and influencers get the blue tick on Twitter and boost their credibility. Even then, there are countless brands, influencers, public figures, celebrities, musicians, and many others who are still looking for trusted agencies that can help them get their Twitter accounts verified. If you run a digital agency, this could be a golden opportunity for you.

How to Offer Twitter Verification Services

The Twitter-Verification process begins with a social media verification agency reviewing a brand or individual’s verification application. They check whether the profile fulfills all the criteria set by Twitter — if not, they strategize a PR plan to get their application up to the mark. This usually involves boosting their credibility through press features and media mentions. After this, the agency proceeds with leveraging its connections at Twitter to ensure that the client’s account is verified.

However, don’t worry if all this sounds like a lot of work, and you don’t have the expertise or team strength to conduct so much on your own. You can still make profits off Twitter verification by white labeling it from a premier white label digital PR agency. This means that this experienced agency will take care of your client’s Twitter verification application from start to finish while you simply make profits by reselling the service or acting as a middle-man.

Digital marketing and PR agencies are making good money by adding Twitter-Verification to their service portfolio. Thus, unless you want to be left behind, jump on the Twitter-Verification bandwagon today!

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