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How to Find and Generate Content for our Communities? – 5 Tools to Find and Generate Content

Generate Content for our Communities Definition

Generate content for our communities One of the most common and fatal errors of brands in social networks is the failure to update their Facebook, Twitter, G + pages, etc.

We understand that this mistake is generally not made intentionally, but our situation its become the same as that of thousands of other entrepreneurs.

And marketers who do not take all the time and creativity resources to generate new content every 2 hours and relevant to their fans.

1. Scoop. It

  • It’s the free platform for business with the online magazine format, which allows us to find and filter the content of our interest and then share it in the Scoop community.
  • And on our social networks. Scoop. It works based on topics or themes: technology, health, beauty, marketing, etc.
  • We can follow and get relevant information for us. Also, we can create our own “scoop.” And topic by defining keywords that filter the news to give us only information that fits our preferences.
  • And it suggestion engine of this application and the selection of sites that we take mark as favorites. Straightforwardly we can obtain information, share it, and create our online magazine and thus become the editor.

2. Reddit

  • We can discover what is trending and viral on the net throughout the world through this platform, whatever the topic.
  • Also, photos, articles, videos, graphics, and Reddit can find inspiration for our articles and share those that want interest to our followers.
  • What differentiates it from others platforms is that it works as a social network, forming a large community where people contribute information, news, news.
  • The rest of the community values, which allows us to know what people find relevant. It’s an excellent search engine that mobilizes and generates trends today.

3. Postcron

  • The positron developed excellent functionality to save an enormous amount of time searching and publishing Content.
  • Through the automation of this process, Postcron now not only allows us to schedule our publications on social networks.
  • If we run out of content, it provides it never stop taking our communities updated. Straightforwardly, we can choose up to 100 of our favorite influencers (brands, magazines, blogs, professionals, experts, etc.)
  • And filter the information through keywords that you define. Through the complex algorithm, The system provides the latest and greatest of our favorite sites and people.

4. Content Gems

  • Through Content Games, you can monitor generating noise on the web through the search engine that crawls more than 200 thousand pages.
  • At the same time, we discover what is most shared on social networks, always within the context of our interests, by selecting keywords and sources that we take defined as essential to us. Also, we can post the Content on Twitter, Facebook Pages, Google+, and LinkedIn.

5. Feedly

  • This free platform allows us to organize, read and share content that is relevant to us. The content can contain sections such as: “Today,” “Must read,” “Saved for later,” etc.
  • We can save articles on any of our devices since they always are in sync and share them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Evernote, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. In turn, you can go to

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