What are the Contents? – Types, Best Types of Contents

The contents is anything that the user can read, see and listen it. The more relevant the content is to the user.

And the more critical it’s to Google too. User interaction with content is the factor that the search engine giant considers when positioning the website.

When we talk about the interaction, we mean:

Time on page

And the number of page views

And shared content

Also frequent visitor

It’s getting our content to take that interaction is possible if: they answer questions, satisfy needs, amuse and motivate.

And it leads us to examine the type of objectives we can have with our content.

What are the Types of Contents and Objectives?

  • We can group the objectives of Content Marketing into four large categories:
  • Connect with the public
  • And report
  • And get notoriety
  • Also, get conversions
  • For each type of object, we need a different approach and, therefore, types of content consistent with what we want to achieve and satisfy the needs of our target.
  • For example, to connect with the public, the focus to entertain and motivate. On the other hand, if we need to inform the guide to educate.
  • To achieve notoriety, we take to entertain and educate. And finally, to obtain conversions, the focus convince and motivate.

What are The Best Types of Contents?

  • Among the wide variety of content in online marketing, we will share my favorites in terms of effectiveness.
  • And its ease of getting backlinks naturally, engagement with the public, and conversions.

1. Videos

  • Videos, in general, are highly effective visual content for each type of audience.
  • If we talk about video entertainment, video tutorials, and demo videos, the effectiveness is even higher.

2. Free e books

  • Creating downloadable content in exchange for the personal data of potential clients is the strategy that is working more and more. And especially if our objectives are to inform and get leads.

3. Contests

  • The “play and win” factor that always very attractive to the public. And even if the user is not looking for the contest and intends to participate.

4. Current News

  • Offering fresh news is the optimal strategy to inform our target. We were also responsible for SEO.
    Since current content is a high probability of being searched on Google and, if we are well-positioned, we gain new visits to our website.

5. Listings

  • As we mention in the post about SEO copywriting, our brain attracts the lists. And it including numbers in the headline of the article that immediately hook the user.

6. Gifs

  • We end this list with another type of content like the lot, and that is useful both on web pages, as in blogs, in emails, and most social networks: animated gifs.

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