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What is Database Marketing? – Definition, Importance, Benefits, and More

database marketing

Database Marketing definition

Database marketing is the form of direct marketing. It involves collecting the customer data like names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, transactions histories, customer support tickets, etc.

It is then analyzed and used to create a personalized experience for each customer or attract potential customers.

And traditional direct marketing involves creating direct mail pieces like brochures and catalogs and mailing them to a list of potential or current customers in the hopes it evokes a positive response.

Also, database marketing takes that strategy a step further by understanding how customers want marketed to and then applying those insights to fulfill the customer’s need via the best channel.

What is the Importance of Database Marketing?

Today marketers take access to extra customer data than ever before. That’s why database marketing once again becomes so essential.

It’s all about using the sea of data to creates extra relevant marketing messages that better resonate with customers — both current and potential.

What are the Benefits of Database Marketing?

What Challenges of Database Marketing?

1. Data decay

2. Data accuracy

3. Acting on customer data promptly


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