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Discover the Best Time of Year to Visit Paris 

Visit Paris – Unless you are a native or frequent visitor of Paris, it is hard to know the “best” time of the year to visit. There is a vast criterion by which to determine the ideal timing; weather local activities, and overall ease of travel. It’s not that you can’t enjoy Paris any time of the year, but depending on what is most important to the traveler, the answer to this question will vary. 

Chances are, most Paris visitors prefer a temperate climate, some exciting traditional events, and logistical traveling conveniences such as Paris bag storage. In order to help you discover the best time of year to visit, the following highlights are grouped by season for easier planning.  


Beginning with the season that brings new life and more pleasant weather, it has been said by many that Paris is best enjoyed in the spring. A hint to non-locals: the early days of March, the weather can still be quite rainy and cold. If you plan to visit during this time, bring an umbrella and stash your bags in bag storage so you can maneuver through the streets easier.  

The average temperatures for Paris during the spring months (March-May), run from the high 40s to the low 60s respectively. When sunny, these moderate temperatures are ideal for walking the historic streets of the magical city. If you do get caught in the rain, there are perfect activities to indulge in meanwhile. 

Visit one of Paris’ iconic museums; the Louvre to be precise. You should also check out the Musee d’Orsay, Shoah Memorial, and Musee Rodin. It is highly recommended to partake in some local cuisine via the infamous Paris café. The rivaling local favorites are the Café de Flore and Les Deux Magots – visitors are encouraged to try both.  

Of course, you can also enjoy the splendor of indoor Paris attractions during colder months, but in the spring, you can slowly start stepping out until the hot weather hits in May.  


Luckily, warmer summer weather in Paris means more family-friendly options. An inexpensive and fun option is to consider having a picnic on the grass in front of the Eiffel Tower! You can even please the pickiest of little ones with some delicious gelato (which no doubt tastes better because you’re eating it in Paris).  

In the summer, the Jardin des Tuileries, known as the “fun carnival,” is open all day and night and a must-see family attraction. There are games, cotton candy, and a ferris wheel overlooking the entire city. It would also be a perfect destination for a fun date night.  

If you are visiting Paris on July 14th, then you will also be able to celebrate Bastille Day, and view amazing fireworks over the Eifel Tower. There are also tons of other festivals and flea markets open all over the city during the summer.  


Every city boasts its beauty during the fall season, and Paris is no exception. Although the weather can vary and be slightly unpredictable it is usually moderate.  

Take a solo or couples walk through any park in the city and marvel at the glorious colors changing in the leaves. Another great activity is visiting one of Paris’ cemeteries. There are beautiful, ornate sculptures and stained glass to enjoy. It is a photographer’s dream!  

No matter what activity you enjoy during the autumn season, the colorful scenery makes Paris in the fall must-see.   


As mentioned, there is no bad time to visit Paris. While the colder weather may scare away the average tourist, true wander lusters will relish in the opportunity to explore Paris during the “off-season.” While locals flee south for warmer weather, visitors can make the city their own. 

You can visit the museums and restaurants in the winter, but the holiday season brings special festivals and events which are only available to enjoy for a short time. Take advantage of the colder weather and go ice skating. The Christmas season brings lights and decorations to the well-known streets and adds a special magic. 

Even if you didn’t visit any of the festivals in Paris during the winter, staying in one of the phenomenal hotels is worth a visit. If you can manage it, nothing beats the Ritz, plus you’re close to everything in the city. Any hotel in Paris is going to be beautiful, unique and worth a stay. 


Whenever you decide to visit Paris, know that the weather shouldn’t be your only consideration. There is plenty to see and do no matter what the time of year. Keep in mind that in order to truly appreciate the wonder of Paris, you should experience it year-round.  

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