What is Hidden Content Gems in Business? – 8 Examples of Hidden Content Gems in Business

Hidden content Gems the key to good content creation are thinking about how one piece of content repurpose for different audiences and platforms.

We find content nuggets at different points in your business – it just needs a little creativity. And the content gems lurking in your business, and how to turn them into the content we share.

What are Eight Examples of Hidden Content Gems in Business?

1. Your Story

  • As a business owner, your story and photo on your website are allotments are a powerful way to connect with your customers.
  • And people do business with you if they like and trust you, and the about page is a great starting point. Also, please share your story as often as it.
  • And trendy newsletters on social media posts, in email campaigns. And express to peoples who you are and what made you start your business and help them.

2. Customer Stories

  • A great product and raving fans are not turning the testimonials into video or slideshow for social media.
  • And share these liberally on your blog, as social media posts, and especially in email campaigns. Lets your customers tell the world how awesome you are. They attract new fans, build credibility, and increase sales.

3. The Unique Feature of your Product or Service

  • The chocolate we sell source sustainably from the community living at the bottom of the mountain. And turn it into a story about your product.
  • And please write the blog on how the product is improving lives away. Also, customers care about the social and environmental impact of buying products.
  • And share photos or videos on Instagram showing the cacao bean being picked and turned into chocolate by the artisan.
  • It also shares the artisan’s personal story in your emails, social media, and blogs to show customers how their purchases make the world a better place.

4. How Solved the Customer Challenge

  • Are you selling a product that helps another business grow and save thousands of dollars? Showcase it in the case study and send it out to your customers.
  • And publish it on your blog or find the local newspaper to write the story on how the product helps businesses save money.
  • Add the case study to the proposal, embed it as videos in the introductory email. And send it out to prospective customers to show them the actual results they expect.
  • Interview the customer on Facebook Live or Linked in so they can share the results themselves.

5. Show off your Team

  • It introducing team members on your website is an excellent way for prospective customers to get an insight into the different people they capacity deal it.
  • It is an excellent way to show the personality of the company. And take some fun with it. Also, create a meet

6. Create Infographics for your Business

  • Why is it not turn into an infographic (a diagram) to explain to customers and the public? An infographic design to explain the complex idea in simple steps.
  • Add it to your FAQ page, and although you are at it. And write a blog post to explain what the infographic is about and link to your process page.

7. Instagram and Facebook stories

  • Please share it on Instagram and Facebook via the stories function at the customer or networking event. Are you launching a product? Give customers a sneak peek through stories.
  • Also, Instagram and Facebook stories are a great way to share short stories about your business and engage your audience differently.
  • And most people are curious about what goes on behind the scenes in a business, which helps them connect with what you’re doing.

8. Intro Emails

  • Few business owners take the time it introduces themselves to a new customer. It creates an intro email to say thanks and tell them more about your business. Your story and the product they accept.

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