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How to Level Up Your Product Experience Management Process

Product Experience Management Process

If you want to keep your customers engaged, automate repetitive tasks and make your product development as productive as possible, you must then optimize the product experience management process.

Product experience isn’t a new concept for the company and brings together different elements of the business to improve your product and your customer’s experience with it. It combines various departments to work jointly to achieve it.

A flawless product experience management process will not only help you deliver better products but will also help you overcome challenges, boost efficiency and save yourself valuable time. Ultimately, ensuring a good product experience management process will help you increase sales, build loyalty, and boost net promoter scores.

If you’re interested in learning how to heighten your product experience management process, continue reading below for some useful tips.

Listen to Your Customers 

One of your top priorities when improving your product experience management process should be to listen to your customers and allow them to provide feedback. Focus on learning what they want and create a product around this. By knowing what’s inside their heads, you’ll create something that your customers will be willing to buy instantly.

Create a platform where you can ask for feedback directly from your customers. Email surveys, phone call surveys, and feedback emails are excellent ways to get them to respond and then use that feedback to improve your products. 

Getting feedback can sometimes be difficult, so consider incentivizing it. Offer your customers special discounts or free delivery in return. This way they’ll know that you’re sincerely open and willing to listen to what they want and need, and through the received feedback, you’ll be able to understand them better and improve your product.

Successfully Onboard New Clients

The onboarding process is something that creates the first impression of your company and how you manage it determines whether the customer will continue using your product. This is the reason why you must use solutions that will manage repetitive tasks so you don’t neglect any details and get the most out of onboarding new clients. Not only will it save you precious time, but you will also be able to engage the new users at every step of the onboarding process.

If, for example, you are a SaaS business and you have a customer that has signed up for your software but has not received an email to follow the steps they should take, they might get frustrated and decide to quit the platform. So, with automated solutions, you can set up notifications to remind your team members to follow up with the customers, and then you can retarget them with helpful tutorials so they can learn how to use the software.

Another way to improve the product experience is to provide acknowledgments every time a client completes a milestone. So, for example, when they complete their first task on the platform, you can use automation to activate messages that will congratulate them on their progress and encourage them to continue to explore your platform.

Use Live Chat

Efficient customer service is key to leveling up the product experience management process. If you take too long to respond to a customer’s request, they might turn to your competitors. For this reason, you should consider implementing live chat on your home page as a fast way to solve customer requests and help your clients on their journey.  

Live chats are much more efficient than channels like email or phone and by using them, you’ll be able to handle multiple requests simultaneously and boost productivity. With live chat, you can reduce repetition for customers. You will instantly get access to data on their request so you don’t have to ask them to repeat themselves.

Live chats offer 24/7 support so customers won’t have to worry about not receiving a reply and you will be able to take care of them at any point of the day.

Make Sure Clients Are Always Satisfied

Chances are great that at some point a client will no longer see the value in your product and decide to stop doing business with you. But if you take steps to ensure they are satisfy at all times, you’ll be able to retain them more successfully. This will ultimately help minimize churn, re-engage more users, and stop losing a myriad of opportunities as well as revenue from lost customers.

Final Thoughts

The only way a product can make it is if it meets users’ needs and expectations and if you keep an open communication line with customers. You can achieve this goal with a great product experience management process, which you can enhance by following the above-mentioned tips.

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