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Induction heaters Write for Us

Induction heaters Write for Us

This process of generating electrical current in a conductor by placing conductor in a changing magnetic field is called electromagnetic induction or induction. It is called induction because the current is said to be induced in conductor by the magnetic field.

History of Induction Heating

Michael Faraday first discovered induction heating by studying a magnet’s induction of currents in wires. The fundamental principle of induction heating were later established and developed by James C. Maxwell in his unified theory of electromagnetism. James P. Joule was first to describe the heating effect of current flowing through conductive material.

In 1887, Sebastian Z. de Ferranti proposed induction heating for metal melting and filed first patent on industrial application of induction heating. The first fully functional induction heater was presented in 1891 by F. A. Kjellin, the first high-frequency furnace application of induction heating, was implemented by Edwin F. Northrup in 1916.

During Second World War and afterward, the aircraft and automotive industry boosted the use of induction heating technology. Induction heating was used for metal melting and advanced material treatment, which significantly increased the range of induction heating applications.

Do Induction Heaters use a Lot of Electricity?

Heating by Induction has minimal wasted heat, with direct energy transfer to the heated part—this high-efficiency results in significant power saving. Induction heating proves to be highly efficient method for industrial heating applications.

What are the Two Types of Induction Heating?

The Benefits of Induction heating over another heating method.

There are two types of induction heating: direct-induction heating and indirect induction heating. There are two types of struggle heating, namely, direct resistance heating and indirect resistance heating.

What Materials can be Induction Heated?

1. Which metals can be heated using induction?

Copper and copper alloys
Steel and stainless steel
Nickel and nickel alloys

2. Is Induction Heating Hot?

Whether touching the burner or stovetop while it is turned on or there is residual heat, the burn is still the same. One of the biggest pros of induction cooktop is fact that surface never gets hot.

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