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Is Data Analytics a Good Career?

Is Data Analytics a Good Career_

So, you are confused about making a career choice. Today, when there is massive data generation across the globe, any career choice related to data can prove to be the best. It may include data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, and more.

In this article, we will discuss the Data Analyst job role, which is expected to become the hottest job role by the year 2025; but how? Let’s have a look at its answer!

Now that you have gone through such powerful stats regarding data analysts, did you know that these stats are also a result of the hard work of data analysts?

Many professionals these days prefer to take up a Data Analyst Course in order to make their careers in this ever-growing domain.

Let us have a look at what it means to be a Data Analyst and whether it is good to be a Data Analyst.

What is a Data Analyst?

Data Analysis is a systemic approach to obtaining insights from huge amounts of data to help organizations make informed decisions. The five phases included in the process of data analysis iterate continuously until the desired results are attained. They are:

The different forms of Data Analysis include:

 Is Data Analytics a Good Career Choice?


Data is considered gold today. And so is analytics. It is the analytics processes that turn data into usable formats and extract meaningful insights. Analytics is believed to drive businesses to create higher productivity. Businesses these days are looking for skilled data professionals who can extract insights from massive datasets with the use of specified tools and techniques. Let us look at the reasons for choosing analytics as your career domain.

Organizations of all sizes are looking for analytics experts

It has become crucial for businesses of all sizes to transform themselves on virtual platforms. This is possible by adopting big data analytics for enterprises, including insurance and banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, academia, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, and almost every organization that exists. This transformation has resulted in significant improvement in b2b market interactions, marketing strategies, manufacturing, productivity, and synchronized operations. There is consistent evolution in data and the ways in which it is processed and used for transforming businesses which makes this an exciting and ever-growing domain.

Plenty of job opportunities in different sectors

As stated earlier, data analysts are required in almost every domain. Now that every industry is going to be a tech industry with digital adoption for every possible task, you can choose to work in the IT sector as well as the non-IT sector.

The best time to enter into this domain is Now!! From movie recommendations on Netflix to fashion tips on eCommerce platforms, from personalized services to customer service chatbots, from making graphs of covid cases to making surveys regarding almost anything, big data analytics is everywhere.

Opportunities to work with Big Names

One of the most crucial reasons for working as a data analyst is that you get huge opportunities to work with some of the biggest names. When you look for global brands of analytics software providers, include Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and also SAP. elite companies of different sectors where you can work as a data analyst are:

Shortage of the right talent

Though there is a massive demand for data workers, there is a wide skill gap, and organizations find it difficult to have the desired talent pool in their workforce. Research states that nearly 81% of organizations prefer to hire skilled professionals who possess at least 3 years of experience. Some of them prefer candidates with master’s certifications as well.

But the fact is that these candidates are difficult to hire. The deficit of professionals with the desired skill set has forced companies to pay huge salaries to data analysts.


I hope you have now decided to launch or advance your career in the field of data analysis which is currently the hottest job around the globe. If this is so, you can take up an online course from a reputed training institute such as Simplilearn.

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