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Network Write For Us

Network write for usThe definition of a network is a system that produces transmission media or communication media by connecting two or more devices (in this case, computers). A computer network is said to be successfully connected if computers can exchange information, data or resources that they have with each other.

Today’s computer network has become a basic need for society. To communicate and other conditions using the help of a computer network, it takes two or more devices connected to the network itself to produce a transmission medium or communication media.

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What is a Network?

As discussed above, a network is a connection create by connecting two or more existing devices. Another definition of a computer network is a collection of several communication terminals connected to several devices or computers.

A computer network aims to be a communication bridge between two parties. So that they can interact and transmit data more precisely and accurately.  The internet network is essential, considering the need for data transactions with a high level of accuracy.

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