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Processor is the brain of the computer

What is a Processor?

Processor on a device or gadget such as smartphones and computers? The processor is a piece of hardware or hardware that can be said to be the brain of a system.

In conclusion, the processor is one of the important components in a computer or gadget that functions to process data and control the system. The processor is responsible for calculating and executing commands from the user.

What is the Function of the Processor?

By what has been explained in the point of understanding the processor, the function of this hardware itself is to process data. So the processor will manage an incoming data through the input section then the data in the process produces output data that passes through the output.

Know, the processor can not work alone without the help of other components that are at least the same speed or can keep up with the processor itself. One of the supports needed by the processor is the role of RAM.

Processor Parts

The processor has each part that makes it possible to avoid stack data in computer operations using complex and accurate calculation formulas.

If there is a problem with the processor, the processor will experience problems or even stop working.

The three important parts of the processor are the ALU, MU, and CU respectively:

Arithmetic Logical Unit or ALU is part of the processor in charge of performing arithmetic calculations that run according to program code instructions. The ALU is located on the inside of the processor.

Control Unit or CU, has a role to control the process on the processor. Taking care of input and output activities is his role and duty.

Memory Unit or MU is a part of the processor which can also be called a cache which is a small storage but has a high speed.

How the Processor Works

The working speed of the processor can reach 400 GHz or 400 Gigahertz. Meaning that it is able to run as many as 4000 billion commands in one process or once working. This ability must considered if you want to assemble a PC.

That was the picture of how the processor works. To choose a processor, currently the brands that produce a lot of new and sophisticated processors are Intel and AMD . However, These two manufacturers continue to compete to continue to innovate.

Especially gamers, if you want to build an optional PC assembly and are still confuse about what processor is suitable. However, Try to be really careful in reading and understanding the specifications on a processor product.

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