How to Present Your Pricing to Clients in Order to Promote a Product or Service 

Promote a Product or Service – How to present your pricing so that potential customers buy the product or service? Sometimes a salesperson cannot answer this question. Often this is due to a lack of understanding of the value of the product. It should not be forgotten that pricing is the main factor when communicating with customers. It is taken into account when deciding on the advisability of buying. The question concerning cost is the one that potential buyers ask most often. 

How do the sellers answer it? The price should not be hidden. People who are not satisfied with it will leave. After that, you can pay maximum attention to the potential client. When communicating, it is recommended to remain sincere, to discuss in parallel the value of the product, to give accurate information or a rough estimate.

How to Present Your Pricing at the Right Time

Experts advise to choose the right time. In addition to the cost, the value of the product becomes an important criterion. Is it worth paying a certain amount for it? When communicating with a client, there are four options for dialogue.

  1. Start the conversation by stating the price (if the client wishes). This is not recommended. It is better to first talk about the value of the product. Then – to clarify how much the person expects. 
  2. Establish the needs of the potential buyer. The first step is to find out what the current situation is. Is it a new or established business? The owner or his representatives can be assisted in achieving the goals. 
  3. Show the proposed solution. Telling buyers that purchasing a product or service will help them achieve their goals. One option is a presentation. It is shown on a computer in person or sent by email. 
  4. Announce the cost of the product or service. This step is best done when the person has a good understanding of the value of the product that is offered. 

If a potential customer looks favorably on a product or service, you should consider the following actions. For example, give him instructions or set up a time for a follow-up meeting.

7 Secrets of Proper Price Presentation

There are secrets to getting the price to Promote a Product or Service right. There are seven of them:

  • confidence must exude from the voice and body;
  • the offer is made at the right time;
  • the seller does not ask silly questions when clarifying;
  • the deal may not go through;
  • it is better for the buyer to present two versions of the price;
  • the client can rely on his or her own choice;
  • the conversation closes with an appropriate phrase.

How to end the conversation? For example, a phrase about continuing work from next week.

How to Make a Price List to Send By Mail

The company must have a written proposal, which is sent by email. It can be duplicated in printed form. The information should be divided into sections. An important point is to have an attractive headline. Ready-made programs can be used for this. For example, Pandadoc. The document should not be too long. Otherwise, the potential client will not read it to the end. 

What do you need to add in the body of the letter? First of all, the most important points. It is better to put them into one or two sentences. The price file should be submitted separately. It is necessary to follow the requirements for a quick email.  

Should prices be present on the site? Depending on the type of business. For example, when trading expensive products. In addition, openness helps to build trust between the seller and the potential buyer.

What Recommendations Pandadoc Gives

You don’t need to worry about rejection. It is important to have the right conversation to maintain a positive opinion of the person about the company and its product. The experts at Pandadoc, who have sales management software, advise that the word “no” should be understood correctly. It can mean:

  • lack of time to make a decision;
  • excessive number of options offered;
  • searching for other products;
  • the price is higher than budgeted;
  • lack of trust.

In these cases, a rejection can be turned into a “yes”. The person who is responsible for making the decision must be in touch. In this case, it is necessary to formulate a correct price offer. Some of the customers who are uncertain can be transferred to the category of eager starters. It is important to overcome customer indecision, which is considered the enemy of successful deals.


Prices can be discussed with clients not only verbally. For example, send them by email (in the body of the letter or in an attachment). There are tips to Promote a Product or Service, following which you will increase sales. The second possibility is to use the right software. It helps manage sales. With best practices, complex solutions become standard. 

You must think about the needs of the customer. After identifying the problems, you need to tell how the purchase of the product or service contributes to solving them. It is better to explain every detail in depth so that the customer can make his or her own decision.

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