How to Solve the “This Site Can’t Be Reached” Error on your Chrome Browser?

Chrome Browser – Almost everyone uses Google as it is one of the most popular search engines. Some use it on their mobile, laptop, or PC, and some use it on their TV. 

The reason behind this popularity is pretty simple. Google provides simple and better results in approximately no time. Nowadays, people don’t even think about choosing a search engine. They Google it. 

However, sometimes there can be an error, even on Google. And today, I will assist you in solving the This Site Can’t Be Reached error.

What Does this Error mean Exactly?

This error tells you that you can not access the website address you are trying. It can be possible because of a spelling mistake or an underlying issue with your DNS server. 

 Most common reasons for getting this error

1) Your Google Chrome browser’s cookies are corrupted,

2) The browser’s settings are out-of-date,

3) Your wireless network connection either requires repair or the adapters are out of date,

4) Your Domain Name System (DNS) cache is invalid, 

4) Your antivirus is blocking the website you are trying to reach,

5) The website you are trying to reach is banned for your IP address.

How to Fix the “This Site Can’t Be Reached Error” on Windows?

1) The website you are searching for can be down for everyone. It can be down because of scheduled maintenance, traffic overload, or unexpected server failure. If it is down for everyone, there is nothing you can do except waiting. 

You can check the availability of a website with free online tools such as WebsitePlanet. If the website is down for only you, move on to the next solution. 

2) Clear your Browser Cache and Cookies

If the problem is because of corrupted cookie files, it is the best method to use. To do this, please follow the given path below, and perform the steps:

Open your Chrome Browser->click on the three dots in the top right corner-> click on More Tools->then click on Clear Browsing Data. 

Once you have done this, try to reload the webpage to see if the issue has cleared up.

3) Try running the built-in Windows Network Troubleshooter

To do this, 

  1. a) Type run in the search bar and open the run program module,
  2. b) Enter cpl to open the network connections box,
  3. c) Find your active internet connection, which should be in the network connections window. Right-click it, and choose the Diagnose
  4. d) If the problem is something related to DHCP, try repairing it as an administrator,
  5. e) Reboot your device to see if the issue is gone.

4) Reset your Internet by restarting Router And Modem

To do this, 

  1. a) Unplug the power cables from both the router and the modem,
  2. b) Now, wait for 2-3 minutes before plugging the power cables back,
  3. c) Let your modem and router boot up before visiting your target website again.

5) Try disabling your firewall/antivirus or use a VPN

The steps to disabling your antivirus may vary as per your software. You can do it by following the respective guide or manual.

Free VPNs are another alternative. There are a lot of free VPNs available for different devices like windows, android, or even firesticks. You can install them from the play store or install their APKs. 

There are also a lot of free and reliable VPNs available for Firestick. You can install and set up these VPNs easily. But it’s not easy to decide which free VPN is reliable? So make your choice carefully after reading their features and policies.

6) Reset Google Chrome

If the error is because of a browser settings issue, this step can solve the error for you. Follow the given path for resetting Chrome:

Open up your Chrome browser-> Click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner->Choose the settings option-> go to the advanced tab-> and find the reset and clean up section.

Pick the option to restore your settings to their defaults, and hit Reset settings.

7) Reinstall Google Chrome

If nothing has worked in your favor, then I am afraid that this might be the last step. To reinstall it, 

Open Control Panel-> Click on Programs And Features->Find Google Chrome->and then Uninstall it.

Now, open another browser on your computer and install Google Chrome again.


I hope that by this point, you have managed to fix the “This site can’t be reached error”. If you still haven’t found any solution, try all other available fixes present on the Internet. Hopefully, you will find the ideal solution for your error.

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