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Common Mistakes When Choosing a Staff Augmentation Agency

Staff Augmentation Agency – Staffing is a smart way to recruit multiple workers in a given period. You can skip the time-consuming “chain of requirements” and stay focused on your needs. Not only that, but you can also save more money. But “in the real world”, many mistakes are made by companies, especially those that have only been operating for a few years. In this opportunity, we will explain the common mistakes that companies usually make when they are dealing with a staff augmentation agency.

Only Focus on Price of Staff Augmentation Agency

Staff augmentation services are a real need for modern companies, unfortunately, some of them never learn that these services avoid onboarding and offboarding processes that have the potential to “give up” inefficiencies. They often procrastinate and instead of succeeding in recruiting, they often force the wrong people who can actually hurt the company’s performance. When the company’s performance disrupts, it means that there is a waste. Based on this misconception, these inexperienced companies, if they end up contacting a software developer staffing agency, will choose based solely on the price of the service offered, not the quality. Of course, “cheap” is not synonymous with poor quality but if you are dealing with staff augmentation, price is often commensurate with quality. Professional IT workers deserve to be according to their abilities.

Forgot to Review Experience of Staff Augmentation Agency

Forgot to Review Experience of Staff Augmentation Agency 

Today the Internet makes everything easy. Every company can easily find many staff augmentation agencies but not all of them can find a reliable one. Of course, if they are more observant in their search, they can review various reviews and information that refer to the experience of the agency in question. Experience is a measure of whether an agency is reliable or not. Of course not all “young agencies” produce bad results but the younger an agency is, the greater the risk it carries. Don’t forget about the complaints that usually accompany reviews. The more complaints there are (as far as you can confirm they are genuine), the more alert you.

Not Sensitive to your Needs

OK, you’ve got in touch with the right agency but if you’re not sensitive to your needs, you won’t be able to find the right staff for your needs. You have to “go downstairs” often, and talk to your employees. You should try to find out how they feel. Are those in certain sections having a hard time and need help? Communicating with your employees can give you guidance on what staff additions you should make. That way you won’t get stuck with people you should need.

Choose an Staff Augmentation Agency that Focuses on Long-Term Commitment

Choose an Staff Augmentation Agency that Focuses on Long-Term Commitment

An ideal staff augmentation agency should not have a minimum contract limit. This means that it must focus on the real needs of its clients. Unfortunately, many agencies set a minimum contract limit which means the client is “force” to commit within a certain timeframe. If you find yourself in that situation, it means you will force to accept more help than you need. In other words, you force to pay more than you really need.

Choose an Agency in a Different Time Zone

If you expect collaboration throughout the day, you certainly don’t want to work. In with an agency that is in a different time zone. Do not let when you are ready to work, their workforce is ready to go to the bedroom.

Hopefully, after reading the points above you can choose the right staff augmentation agent.

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