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How to Wear the Straight Eyebrow Trend? – Definition, Straight brows, Trend, and More

Straight Eyebrow Definition

Straight eyebrow trend while arched brows are great when giving your face a structured, natural lift, highly arched brows sometimes go drastically wrong.

And especially when it comes to filling them. It’s a task to determine the arch placement and make sure just the right amount of product sits on the brows.

All of these hassles it avoided with straight brows or ‘Boy Brows. It transforms your face and is quite the rage these days.

Why Straight Brows?

  • Straight brows give the face a more relaxed, natural look something that doesn’t make your face look excessively done up.
  • When filled with precision, straight brows, it makes your face look structured and yet simple—without you having to worry about how fake they look.

How to Made up your Mind about trying the Straight Eyebrow Trend?

How to Made up your Mind about trying the Straight Eyebrow Trend?

  • First time do not get rid of the arch completely. It probably tweezes a few strands from the highest tip of the hook for a rounded effect. If the result looks flattering, you can consider removing the arch.

1. Straight Eyebrow

  • It assesses your brow and locates the arch. Formerly from the bottom of the brow’s inner corner, it starts drawing a straight line that meets its outer corner.
  • And it makes sure that you use a light hand and fill the space just below your arch. And draw hair-like strokes utilizing an eyebrow pencil (use a shade lighter than your natural hair color).
  • We love the lack me, its absolute precision, the eye artist eyebrow pencil, and it comes with a sharp tip that helps and gets the strokes on point.

2. Straight Eyebrow

  • It starts brushing the brow upwards. Then, using the same brown pencil, fill the bald spots if you have any.

3. Straight Eyebrow

  • It too light hand, fill the top part of your brow such that cancel out the arch. Remember not to use a lot of product on the inner corners to make your straight brow look fake.

4. Straight Eyebrow

  • And use a brow gel to brush any downward pointing hair upwards and set the look.
  • As much you love popping some highlighter on your brow bone, this brow trend will require you to kill that urge.
  • And the simple reason that no arch that you will want to highlight. So, leave the highlighter for your cheeks and inner corners of your eyes.

How Permanent Straight Eyebrows: Shaving and Trimming?

How Permanent Straight Eyebrows: Shaving and Trimming?

  • It created thick eyebrows with makeup, and you like the look. The next step is to shape your eyebrows more long-term.
  • If you shave the downward-facing hairs at the tail end of your eyebrows, you can get a permanent, straights look.
  • This method is to use a light touch. Shave off too much, and your brows will look unnatural.
  • And brush your eyebrow hair downward. A few longer pieces may dip below the brow line. Trimming these hairs will help you achieve a straight brow look.
  • Unless it natural, thick eyebrows, we need to fill in any gaps with a brow pencil. Otherwise, you won’t have the bushy eyebrows that are key to this look.

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