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How to Wear the Straight Eyebrow Trend? – Definition, Straight brows, Trend, and More

straight eyebrow

Straight Eyebrow Definition

Straight eyebrow trend while arched brows are great when giving your face a structured, natural lift, highly arched brows sometimes go drastically wrong.

And especially when it comes to filling them. It’s a task to determine the arch placement and make sure just the right amount of product sits on the brows.

All of these hassles it avoided with straight brows or ‘Boy Brows. It transforms your face and is quite the rage these days.

Why Straight Brows?

How to Made up your Mind about trying the Straight Eyebrow Trend?

1. Straight Eyebrow

2. Straight Eyebrow

3. Straight Eyebrow

4. Straight Eyebrow

How Permanent Straight Eyebrows: Shaving and Trimming?

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