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When preparing for self-defense, nothing might be better than having a stun gun in hand. It can safeguard home and let you defend yourself against people who may attempt harm you. Many people do not have enough physical strength to attack opponent; even if they try, they may get injured. But with a stun gun, you can put the attacker down without harming yourself.

What are Stun Guns?

A Stun gun is a device being used by police and by the public in the form of self-defense. It temporarily injures a person through electric shock with high voltage and low amperage. It makes the person disabled for 20-30 minutes, as the electric shock disrupts the voluntary control of muscles through electric shock and does not cause any severe injury.

With the increasing rate of crimes daily, different modes of self-defense are being used, one of which is the use of stun guns. In many countries, stun guns are banned, but in some countries like Australia, Japan, Italy, Canada, the U.K., and India, their use is not forbidden but is subject to tight restrictions. Many states, though, provide ownership of stun guns but restrict or prohibit the person from carrying them to a public place.


Many different types of stun guns are available on the market, each with its own set of features. The most popular one include the mini stun gun, flashlight stun gun, baton stun gun, and the Taser Stun Gun. Each one has its unique advantage that can help you in different situations.

The mini stun gun is most famous as it is small and easily carried around. It is also very effective near attacks. On the other hand, the flashlight stun gun is perfect for long-range attacks. You can blind attackers with its bright light and then deliver powerful shock to restrain them.

The baton stun gun is also popular, as it can used to hit attackers from India. It is also very effective in close-range situation. The Taser Stun Gun is one of the most powerful stun guns and can deliver high voltage shock that can stop attackers for an extended period.

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Stun Gun Injury: New Presentation of the Battered Child Syndrome

Stun gun are self-protection device that are increasingly available with few restrictions on their use and sale. We present the case of child abuse with stun gun. The sign of such abuse are often subtle and are currently under-recognized. The skin lesions often seen as hypopigmented circular macule measuring approximately 0.5 cm in diameter. They may raise slightly and become erythematous, inflicted newly Most characteristic of stun gun assault is the pairing of lesions around 5 cm apart. We discuss stun guns’ design, operation, and effects and give extensive differential of abusive and nonabusive circular lesion.

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