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Here’s What Successful Call Centers Are Doing to Improve Their Quality Assurance

Quality assurance can make or break a call center’s customer service and reputation. You don’t just want good agents that can make a sale or resolve a customer service complaint. You want your entire team to have the same set of tools and skills to consistently deliver results. Many quality assurance programs collect data but leave you to figure out how to interpret your team’s final results.

More advanced software utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to keep track of all calls and ping a manager to examine contentious calls and big wins. This call center quality assurance software can keep track of your entire team at once, letting you know which agents are performing above average and who often finds themselves in difficult or noncompliant situations.

Coach Low Performers in Real Time

When the call center quality assurance software detects trouble in a call – including noncompliance, customer agitation, and inability to move to the next step in the call for a long time – the program will automatically alert managers to focus on that call for quality assurance. Managers can enter the call instantly and send the agent advice through a messaging platform to help turn the call around. The program’s ability to help managers focus on the right calls ensures a smooth and uniform customer service experience for clients.

Learn from High Performers and Celebrate Successes

Call center quality assurance software will also flag the most successful calls, including big wins like sales and remediation. Managers can use these calls to coach the team. The software will also display specific text for the agent’s use at different times in the conversation. Managers can use the platform to pilot stock phrases for all agents and see which techniques work best to achieve results.

Let Your Data Work for You

In addition to listening in on individual calls for coaching and successes, the software will automatically produce data for your individual agents and the team as a whole, looking at compliance rates, success rates, average length of the call, and other metrics. It will also rank your agents based on their performance on key functions.

Call Center Quality Assurance Software Will Get You Up to Speed Faster

The high turnover of call center staff means you’re always training new people. One of the main reasons agents leave the job is difficulty handling some of the toughest customer service cases. By ensuring that your managers are helping agents in real time, you give the agents the support and tools they need to learn the job faster and increase retention by avoiding situations in which the agent feels unsure of how to resolve the complaint.

Your Customer Service Will Beat the Competition

In addition to producing happier and better prepared customer service agents, call center quality assurance software will increase satisfaction for your clients as well. They are assured a compliant and pleasant experience as your agents read from tested prompts and move through the call, getting expert help from managers if they get stuck. This consistency will help you beat the competition’s customer service and increase overall satisfaction in your product or service line.

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