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USB Port Write for Us

USB Port Write for Us

A USB port is standard cable connection line smartphone, computer, and other consumer electronic device. USB stand for Universal Serial Bus, an industry standard for short-distance digital data communication.

USB ports allow USB device connects with and transfer digital data over USB cable. They can also supply electric power across cable to device that need it.

Both wired and wireless version of USB standard exist, although only wired version involve USB port and cable.

Where are the USB ports?

All modern computer have at least one USB port. Below is list of typical location where you can find them.

Desktop computer – A desktop computer frequently has two to four port in front and two to eight in the back.

Laptop computer – A laptop computer has between one and four port on laptop’s left, right, or both sides.

Tablet computer – USB connection on tablet located in charging port, usually Micro-USB and sometimes USB-C. Some tablet have additional port USB port.

Smartphone – Like tablets, the USB port on smartphone use for both charging and data transfer in the form of USB-C or Micro-USB.

Different Types of USB Cable, Connector & Charger

The cable and port used for smartphones and tablets are either micro-USB or USB-C on one end, with USB-A type on the other. You can find out more about which type of USB device it uses.

Some cables with older models will not have USB-A on the end but just the plug. These plugs will usually have much lower amperage.

Read below for more information about different types of USB cables.

1.      USB-A

It is most commonly use with computers or power outlets. When charging, you connect the USB-A side to USB plug or into laptop or computer.

USB-A cables go into port one way. Usually, You can tell which way up they should be by USB symbol on top. Ensure that the cable insert is correct so as not to damage cable or device.

2.      USB-B Click to Collapse

USB-B ports primarily connect printer or external hard drive with computer. They are not as common as the other types of USB cable.

3.      Mini-USB Click to collapse

The USB-Mini was used for connecting mobile device, including MP3 player and camera, and is much smaller connection, thus allowing smaller device to connect.

4.      Micro-USB

Micro-USB was the most common USB port found on many older models. This type of connection allow data to read without needing computer. For example, you can connect Flash Drive or Memory Stick, directly to mobile device.

Micro-USB will only go into port like USB-A cable if it’s correct. Be careful to match the shape of port with Micro-USB cable to avoid causing any damage.

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