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What is the Website Content Audit? – Purpose, Conduct, and More

website content audit

The website content audit is the process that includes looking at all the content (data) in the website and the marketing funnel.

And it’s determining the strong and weak points of it to maximize the marketing activities. And its process is sometimes confused with the content inventory.

It’s just the list of all items on our website. When done effectively, a great content audit will help answer questions about which parts of the site an audience likes more and dislikes.

It gives clear insight into potential issues that must fix to enhance the productivity of our website.

Why is the Purpose of the Website Content Audit?

1. SEO

2. Content Marketing

How to Conduct the Website Content Audit?

1. Create the Spreadsheet Consisting of all the content assets

2. Please find all the Asset Data, and it depends on the Objectives of the Content Audit

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