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What is Artificial Intelligence(AI)? – Definition, Techniques, Benefits, and More

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Definition

The Artificial Intelligence(AI) scientific field of computing focuses on creating programs and mechanisms that can display performance considered intelligent.

In other words, AI is the concept according to which “machines think like human beings.”

Typically, an AI system can examine large amounts of data (big data), identify patterns and trends, and make predictions automatically, quickly, and accurately.

AI must make our everyday experiences smarter. By integrating predictive analytics and other AI techniques into applications, we use daily.

It works as a personal assistant as it uses natural language processing. Facebook and Google Photos suggest tagging and grouping photos based on image recognition

What are the Main techniques of Artificial Intelligence?

1. Machine learning

2. Deep learning

3. Smart data discovery

4. Predictive analytics

What are the benefits and challenges of putting AI into practice?

What is driving the development of AI?

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