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What is the Content Inventory? – Definition, Organize, Inventory, and More

Content inventory

Content Inventory Definition

Content inventory the basis of any website redesign project. And also the content management system of the migration effort.

And the content Inventory precisely what it sounds like the quantitative analysis of the content of the website.

Also, in its typical form, the content inventory list of files, traditionally managed in the spreadsheet, that used as the starting point in the journey from as-is to to-be.

Throughout the redesign or migration project, the content Inventory accrues additional information.

And the original list of files (URLs of pages, images, documents), the content strategist, and the content manager.

It starts to add extra columns of information to indicate content ownership within the organization, status of the review, notes for migration, redirects and SEO-optimized URLs, and so forth.

The spreadsheet frequently organizes by the structure of the site. So that site navigational model its derives. The Inventory may also use as the method by which content tracks from one system to extra.

And also, double as the copy deck if the content rephrases and the site migration team using the Inventory to guide page rebuild.

By the time the project complete, the spreadsheet often the most comprehensive repository of information about the site’s content and structure. Apart from the Content inventory, you can also make use of Knowledge management for your business knowledge management helps you to avoid duplicated work.

Why Organize the Content Inventory?

When it Inventory?

What is The Problem with Content Inventories?

What is the Solution Content WRX Audit?

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