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What is Marketing with Content Rules? – Definition, 11 Rules

Marketing with the content rules

Marketing with Content Rules Definition

Marketing with the content rules a lot of business books read like textbooks. And five sitting on the desk now waiting to reviews besides this one.

And a few of lengthy and to put down. Besides being chock full of “doable” advice, Content Rules is a business book that’s enjoyable to read. The hat tip earns the double entendre of the title to content as a high-impact marketing method.

But also through 11 rules shared in the book. Below it shares the titles of those rules and my perspective on what they mean.

1. Embrace Being a Publisher

2. Insight Inspires Originality

3. Build Momentum

4. Speak Human

5. Reimagine

6. Share or solve, don’t shill

7. The show, don’t just tell

8. Do Something Unexpected

9. Stoke the Campfire

10. Create Wings and Roots

11. Play to your Strengths

Focus on the channels and messages that are true to your brand and the customers you’re trying to reach.

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