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What is Software? – Definition, Importance, Types, and More


Software Definition

The software encompasses everything intangible on the computer, which cannot remain touched, such as programs and operating systems.

This definition contrasts with hardware, which refers to the computer’s physical components, those devices, appliances, and equipment that can touch seen, and manipulated.

And without the software, no matter how big or expensive the hardware is, it won’t work. The word software comes from English means “soft merchandise,” as opposed to hardware.

Which means “hard merchandise.” Today, the word software has become globalized as a synonym for computer instructions.

If it compares a computer with a human being, the software would be like the nervous system’s signals that control the functioning of the body.

What is the Importance of Software?

What are the Types of Software?


2. Operating Systems

3. Utility Programs

What are the Applications of Software?

Communication of Software

Embedded Software

Software Engineering

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