What is the Best Mouse for Gamers? Discover 7 Main Options

Gamers – One of the most important peripherals on a computer is the mouse, and that goes for gamers too. A good device can make all the difference in your gameplay, give you faster and more accurate movements, as well several additional features that will help improve your gameplay in that competitive game. The market is full of different models, so we’ve put together a list of some of the best gaming mouse to buy in 2022. Take advantage of your good internet, like DSL internet, and search today for the models that we are going to mention here.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Mouse for you?

Well, you may already know that, but first, you need to define the budget available for the purchase of the equipment. We see many different pricing options in stores. Then we recommend that you think carefully about what you are looking for in the mouse in all respects. The variety of this type of product is wide, there are mouse for very specific needs. Finally, you need to understand some technical aspects that will influence your daily use. Let’s explain some of them now.

Dots per Inch (DPI): It is a very common metric in the gaming mouse. It is directly linked to the sensitivity of the equipment. The higher the DPI number, the less physical movement it takes to move the cursor on the screen. Gamers, The lower the number, the greater the distance you will need to travel with your hand to move the arrow or crosshairs. A Higher DPI mouse gives you more freedom in choosing the sensitivity that’s right for you. After all, it’s a matter of taste, playing with maximum sensitivity doesn’t mean playing better.

Footprint types: It’s about the different ways players hold the mouse. You must identify your footprint type before starting your searches. This can impact comfort when using different types of mouse. Let’s get to know the types of footprints!

Palm: It is the most common footprint. The user supports the entire hand on the mouse, increasing the contact area between the hand and the equipment. The ideal mouse for those who have this type of grip is bigger, wider, and with a greater curvature at the top.

Claw: As the name suggests, the hand is in the shape of a “claw”, with the fingers curved when holding the mouse. This decreases the area of ​​contact allowing for faster movement. The ideal mouse for this type is a little smaller and has a smaller curvature at the top.

Fingertip: It is the type of grip with less contact between the hand and the mouse. Only the player’s fingertips touch the equipment. As only the fingers are responsible for the movements, the limitation imposed by the wrist and arm is reduced. The mouse for this type of grip is usually smaller and lighter, also with less curvature at the top. It is important to remember that it is also possible to adapt your grip type, change according to your mouse. But we recommend that before buying you define the type that is most comfortable for you.

Extra buttons: This is another feature that can impact your choice. If you like to customize game controls, you might want to look for templates with editable buttons. These are buttons strategically distributed on the body of the mouse where you can assign them to certain functions within your favorite games. It can be quite useful in different types of games.

7 Best Models of the Mouse for Gamers

The best type of gaming mouse will vary from person to person, as it depends on several factors, such as the player’s grip, the most played modalities, the preference for a wired or wireless mouse, the number of extra buttons, among others. Check out 7 options that we separate for you.

1. Logitech Wireless

For those looking for a wireless gaming mouse, but don’t want to compromise on performance, we recommend the Logitech G Pro Wireless. The construction is of excellent quality as expected of a Logitech mouse. In addition, it is ambidextrous and has customizable buttons with magnets. The sensor is the well-known HERO up to 16000DPIs.

It has high performance and is present in many Logitech devices. In addition to the mouse, the buyer finds in the box the cable that serves to recharge the mouse’s battery. Speaking of battery, it is worth mentioning that autonomy here is excellent reaching 60 hours depending on use. The same cable used to charge the mouse can be used as an extender for the USB receiver. This is even suitable for those who intend to use the mouse in competitive games.

2. Logitech G403

The G403 is one of the most beloved gaming mice in Brazil. That’s because it combines good comfort, precision, quality, and fair price. The G403 communicates at a rate of up to 1000 transmissions per second, 8 times faster than standard mice. It means that when the mouse is moved or clicked, the on-screen response is virtually instantaneous.

The logo is RGB backlit, which allows you to configure the lighting according to each game, choosing from 16.8 million color options. Want quick answers? It features mechanical button tensioning that uses metal springs to help keep both the left and right mouse buttons ready to click, reducing the force required. There are six programmable buttons and built-in memory, all to deliver great performance in any type of game.

3. Corsair Ironclaw RGB

This is a wireless version of the famous Corsair Ironclaw mouse, which was announced a few months ago. In the new version, the connection to the computer is made via low-latency Bluetooth, which means that it does not lose performance compared to the wired model.

The mouse battery lasts approximately 50 hours, according to Corsair itself, and if the battery is at its end, you can continue using the mouse while it charges via USB cable. The design is quite elegant and should please users who enjoy more ostentatious models, with multiple RGB lighting zones, cut-out buttons, and textured grips on the side ensuring a good grip.

4. Logitech G203 Lightsync

There is a range of cheap Gamers gaming mouse options on the market today, but few you can trust like this Logitech because the brand delivers quality performance. The G203 Lightsync has balanced and consistent performance, with an 8000 DPI sensor.

The G203 Lightsync is the replacement for the G203 Prodigy, which has always been a favorite mouse and can still be found on the market. The main difference from Lightsync is the 3-zone RGB light system instead of the Prodigy’s single light. It’s not a huge change, but it looks better and costs the same. If you find a good price on the G203 Prodigy, it is recommended to buy them, as they are an equivalent mouse.

5. Logitech G502 Hero

The Logitech G502 Hero / Hero SE is sold by Logitech and is a mouse that was released on 10/15/2018. When we talk about ergonomics, it is a very comfortable mouse. Matching Finger and Palm footprint(s). Weight is also a very important factor, which is at 121g.

In addition to the main buttons, the Logitech G502 Hero / Hero SE has 7 extra buttons, which use OMRON China switches. On the main buttons we find OMRON China 20M and its sensor is the Logitech Hero and has a very good implementation, while the Scroll Encoder is of the Logitech Optical model and the button has a generic Tactile switch. In summary, its internal components are of Very Good Construction.

6. Razer Naga Trinity

The Razer Naga Trinity has three options: one has two generously sized side buttons made for navigation, accompanied by a rubber insert for improved grip. The second interchangeable side is designed for MMO-style gaming and has a configurable 12-button keyboard, just like the Chroma Naga Epic, for example. Finally, the third side is oriented towards MOBA games, with a smaller number of side buttons (seven in total) arranged in a circular way to have more intuitive access to them, like the Razer Naga HEX v2.

7. Logitech MX vertical

One of the points that Logitech raises when disclosing its Logitech MX Vertical mouse is ergonomics. It’s just that it’s very hard to believe when we see a vertical mouse for the first time. Ergonomic is a very difficult adjective to give him when we come across the product. Although different from the conventional, getting used to it is much easier than we imagine.

Logitech MX Vertical offers sensitivity up to 4000 DPI with an easy adjustment knob. In addition, it comes with two more programmable buttons. This means that it brings some better settings than conventional mice, but as its goal is to provide comfort, don’t expect the specs of a Gamers mouse.

Look for your gaming mouse today

Gamers Gaming mice differ from the traditional mouse by generally presenting superior sensitivity, precision, and performance, which makes life a lot easier for gamers. They are more ergonomic and durable, in addition to having extra features such as RGB lighting and customizable buttons, factors that make a lot of difference in games. Ensure good internet by hiring phone and internet bundles to speed up your search.

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