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What is Website Personalization? – Definition, Importance, Benefits, and More

Website Personalization Definition

Website personalization is the art of offering a superior, one-on-one custom-made experience to your online visitors when they land on your site. Also, customize the experience based on their past purchases, their geography.

Its behavior in a manner that serves multiple business purposes – higher customer satisfaction, longer visit duration, boosted site visits, lower bounce rate, better conversions, and an improved brand reputation.

And the concept of personalization it remains there for decades now. At the same time, it’s extra prominent in the retail market where you enter a shop.

And the seller readily shows products that suit your needs, the scope of personalization was missing in the online marketplace.

Also realizing its importance, especially in terms of revenue generation and shopping experience, more and more online brands are now exploring its arena.

The better the website personalization experience, the better you can serve your online visitors and help them achieve their goals. It extra leads to a better retention rate and better word of mouth for your brand.

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Why is Importance Website Personalization?

  • When companies are competing every minute to grab user attention, personalization serves as a blessing in disguise.
  • And telling online visitors that you care about the interests and preferences while providing them with relevant content/experience can make them stay longer on your site. Even help them take the desired action.
  • And Amazon is a classic example to quote here. One of the world’s leading and most preferred online shopping sites, Amazon’s website personalization efforts aren’t new to us.
  • They infected us to the roots, leaving us spoilt for choices every time we pay a visit. Amazon also notes everything you do on its platform as it browses through the e-commerce giant’s website.
  • And also it jots down all the categories you browse through, the kind of items that interest you, the amount of time you spend shopping for a particular product, and much more.
  • Using such insights further personalizes your experience every time you land on its site and compels you to consider purchasing a product despite your current buying needs.

What are the Benefits of Website Personalization?

  • When it enters the departmental store, we were greeted with dedicated aisles stacking dozens over dozens of items
  • Where all you needed was a 100-gram stick of your favorite butter.
  • And also to get the butter section, it also navigates way through various aisles, reading through the section boards.
  • And which is typically time-consuming, sometimes even frustrating, making my overall buying experience relatively low.
  • If the dedicated staff member greets you by your name, knows your favorite butter brand.
  • And even the fact that you typically come to the store every Tuesday for your weekly ritual of buying butter and other related grocery items, and takes you directly to the butter section?
  • Also personalization is the key ingredient to enhance the user experience. The better you address the needs and wants of your users. The higher are their chances of entering your conversion funnel and turning into loyal customers.


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