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Agro-Based Industries in India

Agro-Based Industries in India

Agro-based industries are an important part of the Indian economy. They hold great potential to add value to agricultural output, which is the most widely distributed and abundant resource of the country. Any industry that uses plant or animal-based raw material is called an agro-based industry. Textile Sugar, Vegetable Oil, coffee Textile, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Tea, are some of the most common agro-based industries, which contribute the most to total industrial production respectively.

To expand the industrialization process rapidly, the planning commission has recommended developing and expanding agro-based industries. They are important because—

They can improve the quality of life in the poverty-stricken rural areas

foreign exchange through export of agro products

alleviating poverty

reducing dependence on agriculture

boosting industrial production

source of income for especially for rural poor

v gro-based industries are a key factor in the economic development of India.

stability to rural economies

educing the extreme inequalities

employment to landless agricultural labor and tribal population from rural and backward area

improve the standard of living in rural areas.

relatively easy to establish

types of agro-based industries

Agro-Produce Service Units

Agro service centres play a vital role in the functioning of agriculture and farm machinery. They are engaged in the repairing and servicing of various types of farm equipment like pump sets, diesel engines, tractors and so on. The main aim of such facilities is to enhance the productivity of the agriculture sector by providing them with quality spare parts and accessories at affordable prices.

Agro-Produce Manufacturing Units

they deal with the processing of agricultural produce which is the mainstay of the Indian economy. The result is new products, which are entirely different from the raw materials used. For example, sugar is produced from sugarcane, cotton is processed into yarn and cloth, etc

Agro-Produce Processing Units

Agro-produce processing units are the units that store and process agricultural produce, which is mostly in the form of grains, fruits and vegetables. Some of these units also make use of by-products. the major aim of storing the agricultural produce is to preserve it. There are various ways to process agricultural produce: dehydration, milling, etc.

Agro-Inputs Manufacturing Units

Agro-inputs manufacturing units are involved in the manufacture of inputs used in agriculture. The products manufactured by these units include agricultural machinery, machines and equipment required for the mechanization of agriculture, fertilizers and pesticides. In addition, they also include animal and plant seeds.

The most important agro-based industries in India

Textile industry – This industry employs the most number of people in India after agriculture. It involves manufacturing silk, woollen, cotton and jute textiles in addition to synthetic fibres.

Vegetable oil industry: India leads the world in being the largest consumer of edible oils. Hence it is very important to develop the vegetable oils industry more than it is now.

Sugar industry: India is the second-largest producer of sugar in the world, hence the importance of the sugar industry cannot be denied

Other important agro-based industries of India include Leather goods industry:

Tea industry

Coffee industry

Whether you can start an agro-based business depends on the state you reside in. For instance, it could be the best business in Tamil Nadu to pursue however, not so much if you are in Delhi. It all depends on the access to raw materials and the suitable market. Visit this website to learn more.

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