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How does Live Casino Roulette Differ from Real Roulette?

How does live casino roulette differ from real roulette?

Roulette – There is no doubt that the casino industry is moving forward with the digitalization of its services, which led to the birth of live casino roulette. The online casino industry isn’t something new. In fact, it dates back to the late 90s. However, due to technical limitations, it remained almost stationary for a long time.

With that said, the online casino industry is now at its highest peak reaching incredible numbers in both revenue and new players. Although the online casino industry made everything easier, from gambling to depositing and withdrawing money, it lacked in one area in particular.

The online casino industry was missing a spark that will enhance the overall gambling experience: the lack of human interaction in the game. However, online casinos were quick to react by adapting their online services to the player’s demands by including live dealers in online casino games.

Nowadays, there are plenty of live casino games including roulette, which present the ultimate combination of physical and online casino experiences.

But how is live casino roulette different from the traditional roulette found in casinos?

Let’s find out.

Difference Between Live Casino Roulette and Real Roulette

Let’s get one thing straight right from the start. As you can confirm in 1Good.Bet, both live and real roulette tables are identical and there is no difference in the game. Both games are based on the same principles where players get a dealer in charge of the table and do not rely on any computerized software for the outcome of each spin.

Casino Experience

Therefore, they are very similar in terms of playstyle. The only significant difference between live casino roulette and real roulette is in the overall experience.

Even though live roulette is designed to mimic the experience that a player gets in a local casino, it is not the same playing at home in your casual clothes and being at a local casino.

Live roulette includes a digital game that features a live dealer that is live streaming in real-time. You can interact with the dealer using your camera and microphone, and there can be other players at the same table as you.

On the other hand, real roulette includes going into a physical casino where there is a lot more going on rather than watching the screen. You can have a real physical interaction with other players as well as the dealer, and even though live dealer roulette is very close to the real game, it is still not the same as going to an actual casino.

Free Drinks

Another difference that may be important for some people is the lack of free drinks at live roulette tables. Most casinos have a policy of serving free drinks and snacks if you go to a physical casino.

The free drinks option isn’t only benefits for saving money. Drinks will be served to you while you play the game which adds to the overall casino experience. Most can argue that you can still make your own drinks at home while playing live roulette, but it is not the same as being in a casino.

Technology Used in the Process

Traditional roulette tables found in casinos do not rely on any or have little technology as possible. This means that there is no software or computerized program that has any impact on the game.

On the other hand, live roulette is heavily dependent on technology. An online casino needs to have a studio, high-resolution camera, software backing up the process, and a live dealer.

Since live roulette requires an internet connection in order to function, any type of interruption can cause you to lose money which will frustrate you even more. With a live casino, the process is seamless and won’t be interrupted since it doesn’t rely on an internet connection.

Final Words

The [live roulette] option is extremely close to replacing the real-world [roulette] experience players get in physical casinos. In fact, most people prefer live roulette tables in online casinos rather than actually going to a physical casino. Additionally, since the live gambling option is still new, we can expect more advancements enhancing the overall casino experience.

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