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What is Content Marketers in 2017? – Definition, 5 Must-Take Skills for Content Marketer in 2017

Definition Content Marketers in 2017

Content marketers in 2017 are increasingly existence called upon to diversify their skills and play various roles on the team.

And modern marketers are rarely hired only to perform social media tasks; instead, they expect to write content, understand data, and work with sales to increase profits.

This year, spending on the digital marketing project increased by 12% to 15% on average.

To maximize the opportunities in this broadening field, marketers must consider learning and developing these ten skills.

1. Analytics

  • The whopping 84% of marketers indicate that they cannot measure and report their contribution to the company.
  • And business leaders want complex numbers on the impact of marketing to gauge the impact of campaigns.
  • And such, marketers need to become fluent in analytics to produce relevant data and prove the worth.
  • Also, marketers who can measure ROI are in high demand, as companies want to know what they are putting in and getting out.
  • And those who can continuously measure and alter campaigns based on data increase the chances of rising to higher positions within the company.
    Also in professionals who want to thrive must dive deep into the analytical mindset to stay on top.

2. Writing and Communication

  • Content marketing is alive and well, with 74.2% of companies saying that content marketing increases their marketing teams’ lead quality and quantity.
  • And while artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are becoming increasingly prominent in the marketing arena, nothing compares to the human-telling excellent story.
  • Also, marketers need to play a significant role in building their effective content strategy around the buyer’s journey.
  • And also, content plays a vital role in educating, informing, inspiring, and motivating buyers and prospects.

Also, marketers need to understand how to create content that converts at each of these levels.

3. Marketing Automation

  • Marketing automation can significantly increase our campaign performance and should be a required skill for any professional in the field.
  • And learning how to use automated workflows that continually nurture leads through emails or content is not easy.
  • But it works -research shows that marketing automation can drive up to 14.5% increases in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.

4. Research

  • Marketing campaigns start with research, so honing this skill is essential.
  • Marketers need to take a deep understanding of buyers, market trends, analytics, and opportunities in their field – this requires advanced research skills beyond a Google Search.
  • With research skills, the marketer should focus on improving the subject matter expertise of the business.
  • And fast its better understanding of the buyer and market. Marketers that can research effectively – and quickly – are a bonus to any team.

5. Coding Skills

  • Marketers who don’t know HTML and CSS are probably becoming pains for the development team.
  • Also, learning the basics of both can help quickly resolve minor issues, such as blog or website changes.
  • And understanding how to modify the MailChimp template and research the competitor’s website also requires these skills, and these are becoming expected rather than desired skills.

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