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What is the Interactive Digital Book? – examples, Precautions, and More

Interactive Digital Book is the type of E book that is part of an interactive content strategy and informs what is necessary.

Also, it stimulates the interaction that readers with the material. The E book is rich material.

It means that it integrates the Content Marketing strategy in which people download it to acquire knowledge on the specific topic.

How does the E book interact with its readers? Here are some examples:

  • While traditional e books bring forms to collect information from potential customers, an interactive digital book can do so through content.
  • Also, interactive e books bring content that changes as the reader interacts with them.
  • And interactive digital books focus on the answer the reader is looking it.
  • Let’s see an example of the three previous points.
  • And person downloads the interactive digital book on Content Marketing and, while reading it asked to answer questions such as the following:
  • Do you do Content Marketing? (X) Yes () No
  • And do you apply Content Marketing to a company? (X) Yes () No
  • And are you the owner or manager of this company? (X) Yes () No
  • Would you like to speak with a consultant about how to optimize our content strategy? (X) Yes () No
  • As the reader answers the following question, he adapts to that answer in this example.
  • Our answer that we do content marketing, so the next question was whether you do it in a company.
  • If we require an answer no, the interactive digital book can have asked if we can use content marketing and direct us directly to the topic that talks about the advantages of this type of material.

What Precautions when uploading files to the Interactive Digital Book?

  • Take we ever seen someone happy to bring to wait in line? Certainly not! And the same happens when we hope to download something on the Internet.
  • And even our E book. Of course, our connection speed can influence how quickly we download the PDF file.
  • However, if our interactive E book contains a lot of multimedia files, loading may take time.
  • Also, even with the fastest connections, increasing the chances of the worst-case scenario: the person stops consuming our content.
  • It prevents this from happening. Please pay close attention to the size files that we upload the E book according to the degree of relevance for the reader.

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