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How to Structure our Day for Maximum Productivity? – 4 Ways

structure our day

Structure our day the 8-hour workday it creates during the industrial revolution its effort to cut down on the number of manual labor hours that workers stay force to endure on the factory floor.

Its breakthrough was the extra humane approach to work two hundred years ago, yet it possesses little relevance for us today.

Like our ancestors, we expected to put in 8-hour days, working in long, continuous blocks of time, with few and no breaks. Heck, most people even work right through the lunch hour!

Its antiquated approach to work they not helping us; it’s holding us back.

What are The Best Ways to Structure our Day?

1. Take Charge of our Workday

2. Break our day into Hourly Intervals

3. Respect our Hour

4. Please don’t wait until our body tells us to take the break

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