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What is Identity Circles and Value Circles? – Definition, Setup, and More

Identity Circles Definition

Identity circles, also known as identity cards and value circles, are more in-depth get-to-know-you games.

And during its opportunity, it discusses the values that make up the identity with many friends and prioritize them in life.

For this activity, you pair up with several different people, depending on how many people are in your group.

The activity works best in even numbers as pairing requires. First, divide the group in half and create two concentric circles (one inner ring and one outer circle). The peoples in an outer circle should face inside, and the inner circle should meet outside.

Each inner circle person is pair up with an outer circle person. You stand, sit on the floor, or use chairs for this activity, whatever is most convenient. This game works best indoors.

How to Setup the Identity Circles and Value Circles?

  • Purchase several index card are enough for each participant to take ten index cards.
  • For example, if we are sixteen players, you need at least 160 cards. Also, purchase pens that each participant is one to use.

How to Play Instructions?

  • Hand out the index card and pens to each member. And ask the participants to think about the values and what makes up the identity.
  • It instructs them to write one value on each index card. It must write down ten values in total. Some examples of categories that are useful for identifying values:
  • In race (e.g., Hispanic, Asian, Black, Caucasian, etc.)
  • And religion (e.g., Muslim, Christian, Athiest, etc.)
  • It occupation (e.g., Engineer, Artist, Student, Teacher, Doctor, unemployed,
  • And family (e.g., sister, brother, mother, father, daughter, son, etc.)
  • Its traits (e.g., athletic, musical, artistic, analytical, creative, funny, etc.)
  • It also activities (e.g., sports, cooking, comic books, making movies like swades movie cast, etc.)
  • And health (e.g., healthy, immobile, mobile, depressed, diabetic, etc.)
  • And also socio-economic (e.g., wealthy, middle-class, financially struggling, etc.)
  • Once everyone has the values written down, the participants share with the first partner why they chose to write down our values.
  • After sharing for 5-7 minutes, ask all participants to rip up one of the cards. Its part of the activity allows participants to reflect on how they prioritize the values.
  • And ripping up the card helps the participant imagine living without that part of their identity.
  • After the participants rip up one card, the outer circle will rotate one partner to the right.
  • Everyone should have a new partner now. Have the new pairs discuss why they ripped up the card they ripped up.
  • It continues the process until all participants are each left with one card — the most critical value.
  • Optional instructions for each person create value cards and order them from the most important to the least significant.
    And each person shares these values and explains each one without destroying the cards.

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