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In this article, you will get information about Kirish. Kundalik is an IT company that develops a single electronic educational platform for teachers, students, parents, administrators of educational institutions, and representatives of educational management agencies.

In October 2021, Kundalik became one of the three most visited sites in Uznet, according to Alexa Analytics Portal.

The main product of the company is the daily digital education platform. The system allows you to create an online class schedule and create lesson plans for teachers, registered assistants, and learning students in electronic forms of magazines and newspapers.

As well as provide tools for statistical reports to educational organizations and educational organizations. I will give. Kirish offers evaluation and task 24/7, a safe network for effective communication, and access to additional learning resources for students and their parents.

What is Kirish?

What is Kirish_ Kirish is a secure online access portal to the Kundalik educational organization system. It allows prospective teachers and parents to connect with the school and receive regular student education updates, according to the website information

During the quarantine, Kirish Login Portal became a valuable educational resource in their area. And today, certain schools are held by the administration. Could you fill out their connection form? Kirish – Social Media Kirish daily services are also available as a mobile app for teachers, students, and their parents.

Telegram Canal, Instagram, Facebook, a video blog of the company on “YouTube” and Yandex. Dozen Blog offers current news and video instructions for teachers, administrators, and parents. Kirish – Important Area of Activities Kirish - Important Area of Activities

  • Digitization of school education.
  • Integrate leading ICTs into the educational process.
  • Development of interactive communication “teacher-student-parents”.
  • Implementation of distance and self-education opportunities.
  • Development of a multi-service online platform for the complementary study of school curriculum subjects.

How to Login into Kirish Portal

  • In a web browser, navigate to the Kirish Login Portal URL (
  • Fill in the “Username” and “Password” fields.
  • Click the “Sign In” button.

How to Download and Fill Kirish Registration Form

  • Navigate to the Kundalik School Administration URL in a web browser and fill out a form URL (
  • Click the “Download” button to download the form file.
  • Fill in the form- Full name of educational institution / Short name of educational institution / School address/Administrator Kundalik, FIS / Administrator Kundalik, FIO/employee birthday (day, month, and year)/Employee phone number and send it to Employee email.

Note: Staff email information will be uploaded to page. The school system will verify your information and then send a confirmation to the email address/mobile number you provided.

How Parents Get Access to Kirish Login Portal

As a parent, you should contact the class teachers for further assistance. Then they will help you access Kirish Login Portal.

How Teachers Get Access to Kirish Login Portal from

A new or returning teacher should contact the school administration department for the Kirish Login Portal and further assistance.

How Students Get Access to Kirish Login Portal from

You must contact the school to sign up for regular updates as a student.

How to Restore Kirish Login Portal Secure Access

Here you can recover your login username and password by following the steps.

  • In a web browser, navigate to the Login Portal recovery URL (
  • Check the box to recover your username, password, or both.

Information: You will see the following details the Kund Login Portal system requested.

Ensure you use the correct email address or phone number, as the code will be sent to your registered information.

I Don’t Remember the Login

  • Fill in the fields for “Enter your email address” or “mobile number”, “Select a date of birth”, and “Enter the characters from the image”.
  • Click Next Step to continue the process.

I Don’t Remember the Password

  • Fill in the fields for “Enter your username” and “Enter the characters in the image.”
  • Click Next Step to continue the process.

If you Don’t Remember the Username and Password

  • Fill in the fields for “Enter your email address” or “Registered mobile phone number”, “Select a date of birth”, and “Enter the characters in the image”.
  • Click Next Step to continue the process.

Note: If you are from a private school, you can use this email, “”, to contact the Kundalik system.


You can now access your Kirish Login Portal account and receive information about Login Portal student benefits and communications for teachers, students, and parents. It is an information platform that allows us to get updates about Login Portal. We do not endorse or sponsor any company or organization. This website provides all information that is ethical on the internet. If you want more related information, share it in the comment box.

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