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Mechanical pencil Write for Us

Mechanical Pencils Write for Us

Hobby craft offers mechanical pencils of different brands, like Sakura, Tom bow and Micro Jedo. Unlike traditional wooden pencils that need sharpening, mechanical pencils have a mechanism that advances the lead incrementally, allowing for a consistent and sharp writing point. These are also known as automatic pencils. They are designed to provide a more consistent and precise writing experience.

What is the Best Mechanical Pencil?

9 Best Mechanical Pencils of 2023 – Reviewed

  1. Uni Kuru Toga
  2. Best Overall Pentel Sharp Kerry.
  3. Rot ring 600.
  4. Rot ring 800+
  5. Pilot Dr. Grip G-Spec Shaker Mechanical Pencil.
  6. Uni Kuru Toga.
  7. Staedtler Graphite 925.
  8. Lamy Safari Yellow 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil.
  9. Pentel Twist Erase Click.

One of the Best Mechanical Pencils, the Skura Pigma Micron 08

Sakura Pigma Micron 08

Enjoy practicality and performance in one little pen! Pigma Microns are favorites for making detailed drawings and craftwork. Their needle tips work well for artists, writers, and illustrators alike. The patented, smooth-flowing Pigma pigment ink is reliable, permanent, acid-free, and archival. Size: 08, Line width 0.50 mm

Product Details

Pigma? Ink, invented by Sakura over 30 year ago, remains dependable permanent ink on market today. Artists, consumers, the government, and scientists consider Pigma Micron—a necessary basic tool for archival-quality, handwritten projects.

This permanent, fade-resistant, chemically stable, pigment-based ink will not bleed or run if liquid is spill on or applied to a document after the ink has dried. Perfect for legal situations, Pigma ink is nearly impossible to alter on paper, log book, or check. Architect, archivists, anthropologists, entomologists, and laboratory depend on Pigma Micron for record keeping. Manga artists, professional illustrators, and painters use point size range to create accuracy lines. Scrapbooks and crafters value its archival quality for preserving memory in journal and notebooks. Use Pigma Micron to leave mark that will last a lifetime.

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