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What are Online Trends? – 8 Useful Tools Trends For Monitoring Popular Online Trends

Online trends are incredible, and most of the tools for monitoring online trends are free and easily accessible to anyone.

It is extra data made available for monitoring online activity in real-time. And the Internet is changing how companies research new trends and even allows some innovative companies to use search trends to predict the future.

And monitoring popular search trends on Google are trending on Twitter, You tube, Wikipedia, and Facebook.

Also an upsurge of interest in the topic online. There is a tool to monitor it easily. Here are the best tools trends we take to come across for online trend monitoring.

1. Google Trends

  • Google Trends is a helpful tool for monitoring search-related trends. And it provides a graph showing how to search keywords that are trending over time.
  • It connects trend spikes with essential news items and breaks the data down into regions, cities, and even languages. Also, see the latest hot trends. We want to view Google’s Hot Trends for Search.

2. Google Insights For Search

  • It’s another tool provided by Google that we find even extra useful than Google Trends.
  • And Google insights for Search offers all the features of Google Trends, and it displays related search terms, rising searches. And also regional interest in the keywords across the world.

3. Not Relevant

  • Now relevant is the new search engine that shows everything on the subject that takes remain mention on the web.
  • Also, it provides a handy slider to choose how many days back in time we want to search.
  • If we are looking for the specific company brand mentioned in the blogosphere, we also found Trendpedia an excellent tool.

4. Twitter Trending Topics

  • Twitter’s trending topics provide the window into what people are talking about right now on the real-time web.
  • And also, it allows us to search for keywords. And see what topics are trending related to those keywords to monitor popular Twitter content.
  • We recommend Tweet Meme. To see real-time trends charts for Twitter, The Trend is an excellent tool. They provide helpful user-generated descriptions of why something is trending.

5. News Map

  • A news map is an innovative tool that monitors popular headlines by displaying them on the front page in an eye-catching graphic format for the trending topics in the news media.
  • And if we want to create a new blog post related to a trending news topic, this is the tool to use.

6. Magma and You tube’s Trending Videos

    • Suppose we consider using its videos to promote our website. And we want to look at You tube’s trending topics. And also, using this tool, we can see popular videos currently trending on You tube.
  • Suppose we want to see popular trending videos across the Internet. Also we recommend Magma, which has an impressive top 100 videos presently trending online.

7. Trending Topics on Wikipedia

  • The trending Topics allow us to search for trending topics on Wikipedia. On the front page, it ranks the top 25 Wikipedia articles in the past 30 days and the fastest rising items in the past day.

8. Trends Buzz

  • Its tool allows us to search across the web for popular trends. The Buzz homepage trends list trending topics from Twitter, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Google, New York Times, Word tracker, and more.


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