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Why Your Company Should Consider These 5 Forms of Advertising

Forms of Advertising – Advertising can help businesses grow their customer base and sell more products while making our cities enormous consumerist hubs. This trend is likely to continue, as it has for generations upon generations. At this time, certain forms of advertising have proven to be more effective than others. And most major advertising methods do the same thing. They put a product right in the eyeliner of citizens on a daily basis. It’s not always the most pleasant thing as a citizen to see advertisements day in and day out, but there’s no question that they work for businesses. This is the important thing, after all, and if you’re a small business owner you may be wondering what forms of advertising are right for your company. To start narrowing it down, consider these five forms of advertising for your company. 


If are among the most common roadside advertisements you’ll see these days. Billboards in Nashville, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and countless other cities have helped form the great American roadway since the 1950s. Billboards are beneficial for business for a number of reasons, the main one being the amount of people you can potentially reach by advertising above a freeway or near busy commuting locations. 

Public Transit  

Public transit vehicles are another fantastic way to get your advertisements seen by a large population of city dwellers. These can come in the form of posters inside subway cars, full taxi cab wraps, or full bus wraps. While these are an effective way to reach a wide range of people in a city, they can get fairly expensive and it may not be something every company can afford. See what the options are in your city to determine whether it’s something your business has the budget for. 

Bus Stops 

In the same vein as the above paragraph, bus stops are a great place to host ads. Covered bus stops usually have panels that companies can rent out for their advertisements. Commonly you may see posters for new movies coming out. For bus stops that only have seats, the backs are often repurposed as locations for advertisements and often feature small local businesses rather than larger ones. 

Walls Capes Forms of Advertising

Walls Capes Forms of Advertising

Walls capes are advertisements that are printed up the surface area of a building. These are eye drawing and effective, but extremely expensive and hard to access. Many walls capes have permanent or long standing advertisements placed on them by major companies. New York has a few examples of these permanent fixtures. They’re great locations and extremely benefits for businesses that can access them financially and find a foot in the door to rent the space. Thinking of these as a long term advertisement goal is likely the most prudent way to look at them. 

Printing Company

The printing company allows us to exchange large amounts of information quickly and in large quantities. In fact, the printing company is so essential that it is known as one of the most important inventions of our time. It has drastically changed the development of society.

Location Specific 

Location specific advertisement examples include ads at stadiums, cinemas, malls, and gas stations just to name a few. These can specifically direct at the most likely audience to be attending the location and are a great way to implement a specific advertising campaign. It’s also a great way to promote product specific deals at your company that certain audiences more drawn to than others. Stadiums are a great place to advertise local products along with cinemas and gas stations. 

Consider The Impact 

As always, with all of these forms of advertising it’s important to understand what the impact. Some of the advertisements. If will reach more people than others and some may not even allow in certain parts of the city. Things like billboards are typically only allowed in certain areas. If so this is something to keep in mind as your company searches for potential locations and forms of advertising. Public transit advertisements are likely to reach the most people since they are mobile ads traveling throughout the city and reaching larger varieties of demographics. Ultimately, companies should consider advertising that will reach the largest amount of people for the least amount of money. 


Choosing the right form of advertising entirely depends on the kind of company investing in it and what their budget is. Outdoor advertising can get expensive, and it can be an intrusive fixture for citizens of the city. This is something to keep in mind as you explore the different options available to your company. In general, look for forms of advertisement that will reach the most people for the lowest cost for any business. This will bring in the most new customers without breaking the bank, especially for new businesses and startups. 

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