What Is A Quinella Box In Horse Racing?

Alternative bet types have become extremely popular with the growth of mobile betting. The addition of mobile betting has seen the number of betting markets available grow to unparalleled numbers, and that is especially the case when it comes to horse racing.

While win betting and place betting marketing remain exceptionally popular with newcomers to the sport, the more experienced bettors are constantly looking for something that can enhance their returns from wagers made per race.

One of the most interesting betting types that bettors have quickly become accustomed to betting on is the Quinella, and the Quinella Box bet.

What is a Quinella?

What is a Quinella?

Before learning about what a Quinella box bet is, you must first understand what a standard Quinella selection is. This type of betting market is very similar to the Exacta, as the bettor selects two horses that they believe will be the first two homes in a certain race.

However, unlike an Exacta, where the selected horses need to come in the exact finishing position selected, a Quinella enables the two horses that the bettor has shown to finish in either first or second. That means as long as the selected horses are both in the first two finishing positions, then the bet is a winner.

Quinella Box Betting

The Quinella Box bet is slightly different from the straight Quinella wager. If as bettors are able to select three or more horses to finish in the first two positions. Selecting more horses to finish in the first two will immediately enhance the bettors’ chance of picking up returns. If but at least two of the selected horses that have wager. In the first two finishing positions. If one manages to win the race, and one of the other selectee horses finishes in third, then the bet lost.

Example Of Quinella Box Bet

Example Of Quinella Box Bet


The Quinella Box bet is a slightly more expensive way to place a wager on a horse race. It will cover more selections. However, the bet is straight forward enough to make. Bettors can select the numbers of the horses. If will want to include the selection, and select the stake that they want to bet on the Quinella.

For example, if a bettor selects horses numbered 4,6,7 and 8. If will need any two of the horses to finish in the top two places of the race that they are betting on.

A $2 wager on this selection would cost a total stake of $12, and would. It cover all possible finishes of the horses involved finishing in the top two places. Meanwhile, if you have whittled down the field to three potential runners. It then this bet would cost $6 if you are wagering $2 per line. If goes without saying, but the higher the number of horses. It you include in the box bet, the larger the stake that will be wagered on the race.

How To Improve Your Chances Of Finding A Winner?

Bettors will be keen to keep their number of selections. In this box bet type to as low as possible to ensure that they aren’t overpaying on the bet. Therefore, a lot of research must examining the pros and cons of each runner in the field.

That includes looking at the recent form of the runners involved. A assessing at what course their best form has come. and also, over what distance. Bettors will also be keen to see the strike rates of the jockeys and trainers involved. If as those with solid win percentages could be worth siding with to maintain their fine form.

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